Monday, October 17, 2011

Project 365: Day 120- October 14th

Today Ethan and I did a lot of research to find a lovely, cheap dining room table for our new house. See, we used to live in a cute little trailer. It was adorable :) We had a little round table with three chairs. It was perfect for our little family. But it was sitting in an eat-in kitchen. Now-- we have a formal dining room. We were confused as to what we were even going to do! LOL We had nothing for such a thing and limited budget for purchasing things for it. After looking and looking... we found a GORGEOUS dining room table on Craigslist for superrrrrr cheap and guess what came with it?? A china cabinet!! YAY. More stuff to fill it up with :)

Here's a shot of them:

We are just so blessed and so happy with these! I couldn't have asked for anything better (or cheaper! haha!) It's amazing.. you really can decorate your house and get your essentials even when you are on a budget! There are always people out there willing to sell their things for a reasonable price and I am very thankful for that!!

After deciding on these, Ethan and I got ready because we had a DATE NIGHT tonight :) We haven't had one of those in awhile, so we were super excited hehe. Mommies and Daddies definitely need those! Every single time we go out, I feel like we re-connect all over again. I kept sending E pictures of how I was dressed LOL

I do that on occasion.

And even though I didn't take any pictures with my real camera all night, I took a picture of E and I in his truck heading home from good ol' Tumbleweed. We ate like piggies! I had a chicken fajita, waffle fries, salad, and we had an appetizer-- arizona egg rolls (plus 2 margaritas.... shhh!) E got some kind of huge burger and waffle fries along with a salad. He let me drink though.. bless his heart!

I love my husband so much! :)

But once we got home, we were so ready to snuggle with our baby girl! That's how we LOVE spending our Friday nights. With her!


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