Monday, October 17, 2011

Project 365: Day 121- October 15th

It was game today.... as every Saturday is! And Tayler got in her gear. I added leggings and booties this week since the temperature continues dropping and dropping around here.

It's crazy that a year ago I was calling her "Baby B" and now she's Tayler, our big girl Buckeye!

We went to the grocery store to buy stuff for our wiener roast we were having later and guess what we bought Tayler?


I wasn't sure if she would understand the concept or not, but guess what?

Yummy ice water of course! She loves it!

After that, we started cooking and preparing for the roast later. And we dressed Tayler super warm. Check this hot stuff out ;) hehe!
That was just a preview for later on tonight. We had to try everything on. Shortly after this picture, she was fussing and was in dire need of a nap, so that's what she got. What came after that was hilarious. We were all losing it. Her hair was a royal mess LOL!!! It's funny that it's long enough to be "messy"  now!
See it standing up? Oh my heavens.

But we got it to lay down with some lotion and then we head out the door for a wiener roast. If any of you remember (which I highly doubt haha), we had a wiener roast almost a year ago today and I was 15 weeks pregnant for Tayler then...

Can you believe she's big enough to sit on the floor and play with kids after a wiener roast now? :( It's only been a year since she was 6" long in my tummy!

We had such a great day! Cheers!

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