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Project 366: Day 8 [February 24th]

I cleaned the house first thing in the morning. Seriously, isn't that the best feeling? There is nothing I like more than to sit down and look around and know that everything is swept, mopped, dusted, and cleaned. I love a clean bathroom. I love a clean toilet. I love clean, shiny floors. I love all my dishes washed and put away. I love my fridge cleaned out. I love beds made. and I love all of our laundry done. It just brings me great joy and honestly-- I get excited for it every single Friday. Do you find me weird? That's okay- my husband does too, even though he agrees that a clean house is a happy house. He just thinks I'm odd because I actually enjoy doing it. It's fun to me. I crank up music. Bust a few moves. It's incredible.
But after I got done cleaning, you could tell Tayler was ready for some play time, so we got down on the floor and played with blocks. Those are her favorite. Go figure, I spent like $3.00 on them for our maternity pictures. haha! :) 

Project 366: Day 7 [February 23rd]

We have been doing Project 366 for a week! YAY!! :)
Tayler and I had a nice, relaxing day today. I felt like this past week has just been a blur with how 'busy' we have been, so it was nice to just relax with her. Oh.. and at 10AM we got CABLE. Holla! haha! I know this probably isn't that big of a deal to other people, but when we first moved in here we wanted to see what our money situation looked like with all of our 'necessity bills' before we got 'luxury bills' added into the mix! Well, in January, we tried out Basic Cable which was channels 2-27... and we still had Netflix for Tayler's 'Yo Gabba Gabba' addiction, haha! But let me tell you--- parents can only watch the same 39 episodes over and over and over and over and over and over again.... until they are ready to get 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,' 'Little Einsteins,' 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates,' and 'Chuggington' back! haha! :) Bless the Lord. Plus, we …

Weekly Meals 2/27-3/2

So, I spent most of the day scouring Pinterest (it's an addiction, k?) for some new recipes. I LOVE trying out new things! When you look at the menu for the upcoming week, you'll see a mixture of stuff I have made before... and some new items! I'm SUPER excited (as always ;)) about making these meals!
Monday- Fried Rice, Chicken, and Yum Yum Sauce. I made this a few weeks back, but the Yum Yum sauce left something to be desired. I'm pretty sure it was because I used Miracle Whip instead of real mayo! I'm fixing that this week. Lets see how it goes!
Tuesdsay- Fries, BLTs, and I am going to try my hand at making Cane's Sauce for this occasion. I found a recipe on Pinterest. I don't know how accurate it is, but it's worth a shot, right? And even if it doesn't taste good.... fries and BLTs are still lovely ;)
Wednesday- Three Cheese Beef Pasta Shells, Salads, and Garlic Bread. I've made this before too, but it was FOREVER ago! I think I was still p…

Project 366: Day 6 [February 22nd]

So, I've been lazy this week and haven't really straightened my hair or did much to it. I find with bangs..... you can just do so much other stuff and it still looks cute, haha! Well, maybe I keep telling myself that, but really it's just pure lazyness ;) But guess what? I woke up this morning with motivation to straighten my hair and make it look nice! 

I'm seriously SO thankful I got bangs. I don't know if I can ever live without them now ;)
Today was laundry day. Our laundry room is upstairs so I have to race up the stairs to throw laundry in the washer and dryer and to take the clothes out. This usually isn't enough time for Tayler to do any damage. USUALLY. I went upstairs today quickly and came back downstairs and that little rascal climbed up on the couch and had my bowl of tomato soup flipped over licking the spoon. Fortunately there wasn't much in it, but I think it's time for Mommy to be done leaving things on the bottom end table. EEK. 


Project 366: Day 5 [February 21st]

Brittany, one of my good friends (and she also happens to be the woman that I baby sit for) came home from her mid-night shift and spent the night, so I spent the day with her 5 month old and my sweet Tayler! Not to mention, it was Brittany's birthday.. shout out to her! :)
And if that wasn't enough visitors...
Gigi stopped by to visit Tayler on her lunch break. Tayler was getting cranky (1PM is the limit for her being up. Any time after that, it's a screaming match LOL) So, she cuddled up with Gigi for a little bit!

I think Gigi might be a pretty big fan ;)
Once Ethan got home, we all got ready and headed to our FAVORITE Mexican restaurant for Brittany's birthday! :) They have a tradition there when it's someone's birthday, they bring out a giant sombrero and put it on their head.. and they get some yummy baked tortillas with cinnamon, sugar, and chocolate syrup... with whipped cream to dip it in! YUM RIGHT? Thank goodness Britt shared ;) But she might have b…

Project 366: Day 4 [February 20th]

I woke up this morning and decided that cubed steak sounded AMAZING for dinner tonight, so I got Tayler all set up with breakfast and then got to work. I've posted the ingredients and recipe for this before, but this is the first time during my Project 366, so I thought that I would share it with you today as well :) 
Here's what you need:

French Onion Soup, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Au Jus Gravy, Brown Gravy, and Cube Steak. I got a 1/2 pound because there's just the two of us. You can adjust this as you would like. :) The soups are the Walmart off brand. They were only $1.12 and the mixes were $.54. The cubed steak was $3.12 so not too shabby on the price of this whole meal, right? :) 
You mix all of the ingredients together (the soups and mixes) and pour it over the cubed steak in the crock pot. This is the crock pot I have. I recently purchased a new one.. they were on sale at Walmart for $14.00. (See how I am a Walmart advocate? LOVE it.) 

I love it.
And here's wha…