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Project 365: Day 410- January 14th

Well, I was lazy again today. Oh, don't give me those kind of looks, haha! I worked hard this week on the house and my homework.. that gives me an excuse right? PLUS, I'm pregnant. I'm allowed to relax with my feet up, huh? haha! One thing I did do was make a registry on hey, they have some SUPER cute clothes, haha! :)
 It's just like Walmart-- you can find it by typing in my married name :) Now, I'm super excited about my baby shower hehe!
After that, Ethan came home, we had some sloppy joes, and then we got all bundled up and headed to pick up Ethan some basketball shorts and a whistle for when he starts reffing next week. Once we got home, Ethan threw away some trash and accidentally threw his car keys away into the dumpster WITH the trash. I walked around the corner... and this is what I saw, hahaha:

How hilarious is that?! Yea, attractive, hahahaha!
That was our day :)
Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 409- January 13th

Today marks being 28 weeks/7 months pregnant. Can y'all believe that it has been that long? I really can't. We're on the home stretch now... that's right... 3rd trimester. Crazy how time flies.. especially when you're having fun, haha :)
 That's a glasses shot above. I don't know if that sweater is very flattering, but I wore it none the less, haha! I liked the color. :) And here's a no-glasses shot. There's less of a glare.

And here's an upclose belly shot with this not-so-tight, unflattering sweather, haha

And a no-shirt shot :) (Well, I was wearing a shirt haha! It's just pulled up lol!)

And everyone was encouraging me to do a frontal view. Yes, she's lopsided... she's all on my left side if you can see it, haha!

And here's me holding my tummy from a frontal view :) I know, lots of pictures of the fatty, hahahha! :P

After getting ready for the day, it was time to clean this house. My sweet husband cleaned earlier in the week…

Project 365: Day 408- January 12th

Since I failed my 1-hour glucose test on Monday, I had to take the 3-hour glucose test today. Oh joy, right? They had me scheduled for taking the 6:30AM test because I knew I'd be starving by the time I got there and I wanted to just get that sucker over with, haha! Ethan and I got there and finally found where we were suppose to go (it gets confusing!) and we sat down in the waiting room. He was trying to keep me amused because I was so nervous. He had my laptop out looking at random hilarious videos... it was a good time, haha :P Then they called me back to get my first round of blood drawn. This one would measure my "fasting blood sugar." It hurt, but the lady did such a better job then some of the other ladies that have taken my blood, that's for sure!
 After that, they told me my fasting blood sugar was great and it was time to drink that juice. Now, for the 1-hour glucose test, I had no troubles. I downed it and didn't even feel nauseous. Given, I ate before…

Project 365: Day 407- January 11th

Today was the day they were calling for a heck of a lot of snow. I was prepared-- yes, I was prepared to be LAZY, haha! I'm not a fan of driving in the snow.. I'm scared of falling while walking to my car.. I just don't want to hurt this sweetheart in my tummy :) So, I don't leave the house unless I HAVE to when it's a snowy mess outside. And guess what? We got some snow! It started at around 11:30AM and schools were dismissing by 12:30PM.. that's how hard it was coming down. But oh, how pretty, right?
 And here's my car COVERED :)

I just love looking at the snow :)
And what did I do while I was home alone and Jack Frost was nipping at everyone's knows that were outdoors? I worked on organizing my school work. Our sweet Tayler is due April 7th, 2011 and my classes end April 11th, 2011, so my professors are encouraging me to get all of my schoolwork completed by the first week of March and saving it all... and then turning it in as time passes instead of wa…

Project 365: Day 406- January 10th

I had a pretty boring day today... There was a project due for class, so I spent my entire morning working on that! It was easy though-- a 15 to 20 slide Power Point presentation :) Once that was finished, it was time for my doctors appointment. Oh heavens, the dreaded glucose test was today. Word to the wise-- NEVER eat anything before your test even if they tell you it's alright. DON'T. Because guess what? I failed. I was SO disappointed and frustrated. And because I failed, I have to take that darn 3 hour glucose test at 6:30AM Wednesday morning *sigh* Here's the lovely paper I got for that:
 Yes, I was disappointed, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Lets just all pray that God intervenes and I do not have gestational diabetes. In Jesus name.
I finally got home about 3PM and was running late on everything, haha! So, I did the dishes, cleaned up, chopped some green peppers and onions, added the chicken, and started cooking stir fry for dinner. Oh, I crave …

Project 365: Day 405- January 9th

Today was my a surprise birthday party for my Grandpa. He turned "70" on January 8th. Ethan and I got him an old man card, haha! On the front, it had an elderly man and one picture he states, "My problem is I can't stop peeing after 7:30AM..." In the next picture, the same elderly man states, "My other problem is, I can't stop pooping after 8:00AM..." and on the inside it has another picture of his elderly gentleman and he states, "But my big problem is I can't get out of bed til 9:00AM." HAHAH :) I thought Grandpa would enjoy that! Here's a picture of the card and following that is a picture of my Grandpa opening his cards:

And here's a shot of Grandpa's awesome cake. Of course, it's Ohio State :) We're Buckeye fans around here!
 And here's a picture of Ethan and me after enjoying some spaghetti, garlic bread, and cake :)

And here's a shot of Dad, Denny, and Jim:

And here's SHERRY. hahaha! Ethan was tal…

Project 365: Day 404- January 8th

We FINALLY put the finishing touches on Tayler's room today thanks to my mom (Tayler's Gigi, hehe) She made the bed skirt and curtains for our sweet Tay-Bug's room! Want to see it? Well, I would be happy to show it off hehe! :)
 Gah, I ABSOLUTLEY love it :) Mom did such a good job on the curtains! Aren't they cute?? :) And here's an upclose of the bed skirt:

And mom bought some fabric for a blanket, so Ethan and I "made" it for Tayler last night too, hehe! Here's an upclose picture of it:

And her Aunt Susan bought her a sign for her room that we have hanging on her door. Here's what it says, haha:

She's our little Diva :)
And here is the proud Gigi showing off her amazing work. She did such a good job! I am so thankful to have such a good momma! I feel SO blessed :)

And this would be my husband and me in her room :) We couldn't be more happy or excited! 89 more days until Tayler's due date... and she finally gets to see her room, hehe :)