Saturday, August 20, 2011

Project 365: Day 64- August 19th

Today was an AWESOME day. 

Well--- first of all, I got to spend the whole day with E and Tayler. That makes every day pretty great, right? We went to visit some friends and on our way back, Ethan stopped at a restaurant to see one of his  buddies. While they were there, they went next door and were in there for 30 MINUTES while I was sitting in the car feeding Tayler and getting her to sleep. I was getting frustrated because I was tired, we were going to be late to meet my parents at the fair.....

So, FINALLY, Ethan comes out of the store with a bag. I was furious. He was over there spending money that he shouldn't have been spending........ He hands me the bag, I open it up, and boy did I feel ridiculously stupid, hahahaha! Guess what he bought me?

Yep! A new camera. Actually--- AN AMAZING camera. I am in love! I love my digital camera that I have, but E said that he wanted to buy me a big camera, haha. Those were his words hehe! Isn't he the cutest? I was so excited that it even had a strap to hang around my neck. Soooooo, I couldn't really be that mad about him spending money after that LOL. Amazing how that works, right? ;) But I am so thankful for it. I LOVE it so much!

 And since I had such a lovely camera, I HAD to bring it along to the fair! We had SUCH a good time! Tayler was being her usual cute self ;) She has this rattle that is her absolute favorite and she was hanging on to it, chewing it, and shaking it all last night...

I seriously am in love with that little girl.

We even met Matt, Carrie, and Jaylee there! I miss these guys. We moved about 2 months ago and haven't seen them as often as we used to, so it was nice to hang out with them again!

Gigi and Tayler posed for a picture for us... I think Gigi is so happy cause she had saved up calories all week long to eat terrible at the fair, haha! We enjoyed fries with vinegar, cheeseburgers, funnel cakes, and donuts. Yum!

Those are two of my favorite girls right there :)

And I HAD to share this picture of Tayler. She was cracking me up. We said it's like she was saying, 


haha! Cheers :)

(And side note: I did complete the 30 Day Shred today... Level 2. What? What? haha! I'm so happy! We'll see if there are any good results from this soon!)

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Project 365: Day 63- August 18th (and Project 52)

 First, I thought I'd share a quote I find appropriate:

"Great minds talk about ideas, Average minds talk about things, Small minds talk about other people."
And now, lets document real quick that the 30 Day Shred was completed today and guess what? I did the WHOLE thing (this is the first time!) I've always stopped after like 11 minutes... 15 minutes... but I did the whole video today and I couldn't be more excited! It was rough. I hurt. I was exhausted, but boy, did it feel amazing!!! :) I can't wait to continue. I feel like I'm already seeing results.. thank You God!

I hung out with Tayler for a little bit this morning. We watched 'Yo Gabba Gabba.' :) What a fun morning that was! Tayler was GLUED to the TV. It was the cutest thing! And look how she sits up by herself now. Not bent over like she used to. She's growing up!

And she's thoroughly enjoying her jumper :)

Daddy decided to TRY and dress Tayler today. (Key word is TRY! hahahhaa!) I love my husband and I love that he helps me, but dear heavens... this was a rough outfit. He said, 'What? They're both stripes..." LOL! Too funny! 

Tayler, if you're reading this like 16 years from now... don't worry. I rescued you and you looked adorable today, haha!

Here you are hanging out at Kohls while Daddy got some dress clothes...

After running errands, we came home and we spent a lot of time with Tayler! She is learning SO much! Oh, and she's 20 weeks old today! Crazy isn't it? So of course, we took a 20 week picture of her POST bath and PRE peejays.

Oh, at 20 weeks old... Tayler is really starting to get used to sitting up by herself. She is interacting more. She reaches out for things (especially the cat... who she has pinched, haha!) She HATES fruits (especially apples and pears.) She has more of an attitude. She went to her first Mopar, her first drive-in movie theater, and her first fair. :)

And I was dreading posting this picture, hahahahhaa, but Tayler-- I let your dad dress you for bed time and this is what happened:

Sorry Tayler. But we decided this is going on your graduation cake in 17.5 years, hahahaha! We do love you, I promise ;)


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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Project 365: Day 62- August 17th

Day 3 of the 30 day shred has been completed. Yes, I'm going to post about it every day, haha! I have to keep track and keep myself accountable. I'm soooo tired of that darn baby pouch I have going on. I just want it gone... I know it was all done for an AMAZING reason, but I want to get back to square one so I can have another baby (maybe sometime soon..... well, after we get our house of course ;)) So, this means a lot to me. I only worked out for 15 of the 20 minutes today. I was seriously beat. Lets hope I make a little more progress in the future, haha!

We went to E's mom's house today and visited. We sat outside-- it was GORGEOUS OUT. Tayler got to visit with her and we got to chit-chat :) It was fun!

We even went to look at a house yesterday :) What fun that was! We REALLY liked it, so lets just cross our fingers.

I was a terrible photographer yesterday and didn't take ONE picture. Darn. I need to get a better camera, but I don't know where to start. I LOVE the one I have right now (thanks Rachael!) but I want one of those legit kind-- y'all know what I mean? With like a turny-lensy-thingy. Oh yea, I have the lingo DOWN.

We'll see!


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Project 365: Day 61- August 16th

Of course, I started my day with the 30 Day Shred. Alright, so I shouldn't say OF COURSE, haha! It's only day #2, but still, I think I'm doing pretty good! I've never been the most dedicated person to exercising, but fortunately------ I've found something I enjoy doing and I think it's mostly because I FEEL GOOD AFTER I'M DONE DOING IT! How awesome is that?? :) 

So here is to 28 more days! And hopefully shreding 20 more pounds :)
After that, we all get ready to went on over to the fair! I didn't go last year-- probably because I was puking my guts out through out the entire day thanks to being pregnant with my little girl. But NOW, she's here and we were ready for some fun! I'm not a huge 'rides' fan, but boy do I love the food (yes, I'm exercising-- so leave me alone about those 2 homemade donuts I had ;)) Tayler enjoyed the lights, the people... 
and even the sand box, haha! 

It was this HUGE sandbox for all of the kids. It was adorable to watch her 'playing' in it :) 

Then we got a family picture-- our first fair together!

Isn't our Tayler GORGEOUS? Gah, I love my little family and I am so very thankful for them!

The fair eventually began to wear Tayler out-- she was begging for baked steak at the local church booth... watching people win prizes.. and of course, enjoying a good ol' funnel cake, haha! 

'Shew. Chowing down on that was a job in itself! But she was soon wide awake and ready for the 'Rough Truck' competition and by gosh, she LOVED it! She didn't take her eyes off the loud, noisy jeeps! It was amazing. They were doing ramps and taking crazy turns. Tayler loved every bit of it :)

After we left, I got home and realized something tragic----


I was bawling my eyes out. That had my baby's pictures in it-- from birth. It was tragic! Fortunately, there are still some super sweet, honest people in this world and they had turned it in to the fair people. I got it back! Thank the Lord Almighty!


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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Project 365: Day 60- August 15th

We had a lazy day today. Ethan was waiting around to hear from some people, so we hung out and I started the '30 Day Shred' by Jillian Michaels.

Good Lord Almighty. That was rough, haha! I have like 6 pounds left to lose to get my pre-pregnancy weight back, so I thought this would be an excellent way to do it! I'm hoping that it won't just decrease my weight, but also my waist line. I want to drop SIZES. I was a size '4' before I got pregnant with Tayler and I can fit into a 6/8 right now, so I have quite the work ahead of me! I'll let you know on September 13th how I look and feel. I just pray I can stick with it. As you can see, I couldn't even stick it out with that darn Music Challenge! I hope I can do this and see it through!

After that, Ethan and I got ready and went down to our old hometown and I watched him play some ball! :)

Tayler and I posed for a picture for y'all! :)

She was really into it, obviously, haha! :)

When we were heading out of town, we stopped to get some sweet teas and we ran into some friends and Ethan's sister. She hadn't met Tayler yet, so we made that happen :) Both of the girls are pregnant... I'm so excited for them!

And I have to say that the sunset last night was GORGEOUS. We just took it in while we were driving. It was breathtaking :)


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Project 365: Day 59- August 14th

We hung out at the house with Gigi and Papaw earlier today :) Tayler was a little bit fussy--- darn teething, so she cuddled with Gigi and OF COURSE, Oreo!

She LOVE LOVE LOVES Oreo! She talks to him all the time, haha! We make him get his treats in front of her and she just adores it!

After hanging out with them, we packed up our stuff and met TJ, Lakin, Kelly, Gabi, and Bre at the Drive-In Movie Theaters! I was SO excited! I haven't been there since Spiderman was released and of course, it was Tayler's first time there! And guess what was playing??

THE SMURFS. (And Transformers 3, but that was for Daddy... I didn't think Mommy and Tayler would make it that far! HAHA!) The Smurfs started at 8:50pm and oh my word, it was adorable!

I told Ethan that's going to be Tay's Christmas present--- so she can always remember her first drive-in movie :) 

We even took a couple of pictures together!

Sorry for the brightness, Tay, haha! The Smurfs ended at about 11:00 and then it was time for Transformers. But I snuggled up with Tayler with one of her fuzzy blankies and went to sleep until 1AM when Transformers ended, haha! We were lazy!


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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Project 365: Day 58- August 13th

We started off our day going to visit E's family :) His Aunt Nancy was in town and had yet to meet our sweet Tayler! The last time Aunt Nancy was in town, I was 7 weeks pregnant. Crazy, right? She never saw my belly get huge or anything, and now all of the sudden I have a baby, haha! But here is Tayler meeting her Great Aunt Nancy:

Then we all got ready and went out to eat with Corey, then headed to MOPAR 2011 :) It's where you sit on the side of the road and watch sweet cars do burn outs. Amazing, right? 

We had SO much fun! Our friends Kelly, Gabi, Jess, DJ, Brook, Brayden, and Koen came along with my brother Corey, Dad, Mom, Ethan, Tayler, and me!! :) We had an enjoyable experience... then it got ruined by some grouches that were sitting next to us, haha! We were sitting in the grass in front of a hotel and they went and complained that it was hotel property and that we weren't hotel guests. Sooooo, they called the cops and well, we had to move! LOL But we had a blast where we moved to anyways! And guess what? Where we were sitting... they had a cop there all night long and no one did burn outs. Suckas! haha! :)

We had a blast though! It was great to just hang out with friends :) Here's a shot of Tayler and Mommy waiting for the stuff to start!

Such a big girl :) She was sitting up by herself for awhile. Makes this mommy proud :)

And she ended up scratching her eye :( I had a head band in where the ribbons clipped onto it and in a temper tantrum, she grabbed it, slid it down her face, and cut her eye... poor thing! But Gigi made it better and snuggled with her :)

I LOVE that little booger!

And Ethan even posed with her and Gabi, hehe! Kelly told him this was a lovely glimpse into his future, haha! Hilarious!

We had a wonderful night! 


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