Friday, August 19, 2011

Project 365: Day 63- August 18th (and Project 52)

 First, I thought I'd share a quote I find appropriate:

"Great minds talk about ideas, Average minds talk about things, Small minds talk about other people."
And now, lets document real quick that the 30 Day Shred was completed today and guess what? I did the WHOLE thing (this is the first time!) I've always stopped after like 11 minutes... 15 minutes... but I did the whole video today and I couldn't be more excited! It was rough. I hurt. I was exhausted, but boy, did it feel amazing!!! :) I can't wait to continue. I feel like I'm already seeing results.. thank You God!

I hung out with Tayler for a little bit this morning. We watched 'Yo Gabba Gabba.' :) What a fun morning that was! Tayler was GLUED to the TV. It was the cutest thing! And look how she sits up by herself now. Not bent over like she used to. She's growing up!

And she's thoroughly enjoying her jumper :)

Daddy decided to TRY and dress Tayler today. (Key word is TRY! hahahhaa!) I love my husband and I love that he helps me, but dear heavens... this was a rough outfit. He said, 'What? They're both stripes..." LOL! Too funny! 

Tayler, if you're reading this like 16 years from now... don't worry. I rescued you and you looked adorable today, haha!

Here you are hanging out at Kohls while Daddy got some dress clothes...

After running errands, we came home and we spent a lot of time with Tayler! She is learning SO much! Oh, and she's 20 weeks old today! Crazy isn't it? So of course, we took a 20 week picture of her POST bath and PRE peejays.

Oh, at 20 weeks old... Tayler is really starting to get used to sitting up by herself. She is interacting more. She reaches out for things (especially the cat... who she has pinched, haha!) She HATES fruits (especially apples and pears.) She has more of an attitude. She went to her first Mopar, her first drive-in movie theater, and her first fair. :)

And I was dreading posting this picture, hahahahhaa, but Tayler-- I let your dad dress you for bed time and this is what happened:

Sorry Tayler. But we decided this is going on your graduation cake in 17.5 years, hahahaha! We do love you, I promise ;)


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