Saturday, May 29, 2010

Project 365: Day 179- May 28th

Well, I started off my Friday by meeting my mom at Kohls so I could buy a new bathing suit cause we were going to go intertubin' soon hehe! :) So I bought this cute lil' thing there. It SO fits me... black and white and polka dotted. I just love it! I've never been one to wear bottoms like that. I've ALWAYS bought shorts. But I feel a little more confident about my body now'a days, so I said... what the heck lol! I figured I'd just post a picture of it as opposed to a picture of me in it to save you all :P hahah!Then my mom and I met my dad at the Java House. It was tooooo hot outside for me haha, so I just got a Sierra Mist, but it was nice to just sit with my mom and dad for a lil while and chit chat :) I just love them.

Then I headed on over to meet some people from Craigslist to sell Ethan's paintball gun. Chyeaaa boi. Nothin' like some mun-ay! haha :) Here's a picture of the paintball stuff:

Then Ethan and I went over to his momma's house cause today was her birthday! We bought her some Arbor Mist wine and some Halle Berry perfume :) She had a yummy cherry chip cake with lavender icing. SO GOOD. And then we headed over to Matt's house for a graduation party for Carrie. Here are some pics of that:
(haha, the boys... Bobby's face here KILLS me LOL)

(yelling at Matt to take the freaking picture already LOL)

(Carrie and me again. That's better!)

(Awww aren't we just the cutest LOL)

(Gross, right? LOL)

Cheers to Project 365!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Project 365: Day 178- May 27th

So, I purchased a tanning package at Hawaiian Tanfastic. Pretty excited about it, not going to lie, hehe :) I literally haven't really been tanning since my junior year of high school because I had a TERRIBLE time at the one I went to previously. I was a beginner, with a pale skin complexion.. and they put me in for 15 minutes in the tropical bed. I didn't know any different. Figured heck, they're the tanning salon, they should know, right? Yea, well I got sun poisoning and was absolutely miserable for the next like 3 days. And I never went back, so this was a huge step for me. Here's me waiting :) I really like going here. The ladies are really nice, are letting me take it slow, and enjoy my tanning experience. I have a playlist on my Ipod to help me relax in there. It's really a soothing experience :)

Then mom and I went to Whit's for some lunch! I got a yummy, spicy shredded chicken sandwich and a water. She got a hot dog hehe!

It's bright. It was quite sunny, haha!

And then I came home and got stuff ready for supper: BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich with pasta salad. Oh it was soooo yummy if I do say so myself hehe! :) I just love that crock pot :)

Then Ethan came home from work and decided he wanted to put the tube on his bike wheel. Well, once again, it wasn't the right size. So, he starts getting REALLY mad about it. Like ready to throw this bike tire... but oh no, instead he decided he's going to break the tube. (Yes, I'm sitting here, watching all of this, haha) So, he puts the tube around his feet and starts stretching it.... and well, it just keeps stretching LOL He's literally got his hands above his head trying to snap this thing.. and it's NOT working haha! And he's mad so his face is all bent up and what not with frustration. I was trying not to laugh, but I seriously couldn't handle it any longer, hahahaha! OH MY GOSH. Hilarious!!! Here's the evil tire now: LOL

Then we decided to go to Dollar General.. and of course, we went to the toy section. Why would we go to Dollar General for adult things? LOL The lady that works there walked past and said "I heard y'all and just knew it was you" HAHHAHA! :)

(My mean, serious face LOL)

(En guarde!)

Then I headed over to Carrie's graduation bonfire. It was kind of late, so I didn't stay too long LOL (I'm getting hold) But here's a shot of Matt trying to start the fire, bless his heart lol

Cheers to Project 365! :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Project 365: Day 177- May 26th

We went south of the border in the Bay household last night.... yummy yummy tacos in our tummy tummy! haha :) Ethan was running REALLY late last night so I had plenty of time to prepare everything lol! We had tacos, burritos, taco salads, chicken, ground beef, refried beans, cheese soup, shredded cheese, lettuce, onions, peppers, ranch dressing, sour cream, taco sauce... oh yes, we had everything it seems like haha! I'm trying to get in to the habit of cooking dinner every night instead of eating out. We're getting used to it hehe :) Tomorrow is pulled pork sandwich night, wahoo! :)

And to totally disregard WHY I'm cooking dinner each night... I was really craving some french fries from McDonalds during the American Idol finale, hahaha! Sooo, Ethan took me there to get some french fries, sweet and sour sauce, and a sweet tea. Yummy in my tummy again :) Well, the line was taking FOREVER, so we decided to have a photo shoot, baha.

He can't ever keep his eyes open LOL

There the eyes are open. Praise God haha!

Uh, why he loves me.... I shall never know, haha!!

we're interesting together.

And then we headed home to finish watching American Idol! :) Had my sweet tea and fries in hand, boyfriend by my side... it was a good, good night :D

Congrats to Lee who has been our American Idol since about February! We're your biggest fans, I swear hehe!

Cheers to Project 365!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Project 365: Day 176- May 25th

Happy Birthday to Ethan's momma, Carol. We all went to Denny's Diner this morning to celebrate her birthday. I'm not much of a breakfast fan, so I got Tsing Tsing Chicken and OH MY LANTA, IT WAS DELICIOUS. I seriously am craving it right now! Yummo :P hehe! We had such a fun time though! From left to right (front row) it's: Janet, me, Ethan's Aunt Karen, and Judy, (back row) Ethan's grandma, Carol (Ethan's momma), and Ethan's Aunt Barb. We talked about just about everything you could think of, haha! So much fun! Can't wait to do it again :)

And then I traveled all around the city trying to find a stinking tube for Ethan's mountain bike, haha! It says 26X1.95 but it's sooo much bigger than what is needed... soooo I went to the hardware store and bought a 24"... fingers crossed it works :) Yes, I went to the hardware store AGAIN. I'm gonna know that place like the back of my hand before it's all over with hehe! Oh and I bought him an air pump. Yes, I'm an amazing girlfriend :D

Then I came home and got things ready for dinner. I put a roast in last night and heated it up today! It had roast, potatoes, green beans, corn, bouillon cubes, onion, and garlic powder in it! I LOVE my crock pot hehe! And then I baked some biscuits and drizzled some garlic powder on them! Oh my lanta! It was yummy if I'm allowed to say that hehe :) Carol even stopped by for dinner.. and Ethan said it was the best roast he's ever had hehe :)

And then I curled up with some homework... and watched American Idol. TEAM LEE. Dear Lord, I hope he wins :)

Cheers to Project 365!!

Project 365: Day 175- May 24th

Sadly, I had a terrible migraine that began Sunday night.. and continued on in to the greater part of today. It was just terrible... the kind that makes you nauseous :( So, I didn't do much at the beginning of the day (besides complete my final project for Ed 639... THANK GOD :))

Then I watched the Ghost Whisperer marathon and waited for Ethan to come home from job #1. We napped for a few and he headed to job #2. Yes, this is why I absolutely detest Mondays. I only get to see him for about 40 minutes :(

While he was at work, I started feeling better, so I got up and made my first roast in my new crock pot (thanks to Tina and Michael.. I FINALLY used it, haha!) The roast has to cook for at least 12 hours... I can hardly wait for dinner time tomorrow :)

And then I packed Ethan's lunch... and climbed back into bed, haha :) Oh.. but I had to document the grilled cheese maker we got. I told Ethan we're turning in to quite the married couple already... getting excited over all of these new appliances, haha! :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Project 365: Day 174- May 23rd

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss, we totally bought one of these today! :) Do you even understand how stoked I am? hehe! We had been talking about purchasing a punching bag for quite some time... and then we got a great deal on it.. so we picked it up! I've spent a great deal of time punching it already, haha! Ethan told me I punch pretty hard for a girl ;) yeaa, cause I have a lot of rage bahaha! Too much fun!Here's a shot of me punching the bag hehe! :)

And Ethan all pumped up and ready to start swingin' :P

And after that, mom came and picked me up and we went to watch my little brother Brad graduate from high school! I am so proud of him :)

Here's where the ceremony was:

And here's mom and I waiting for the ceremony to start:

Here's Bradley Duane!

And walking to get his diploma. Whoo-hoo! He did it!

Congrats Bradley and cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 173- May 22nd

The morning started with Ethan and I eating some subway for breakfast, haha! I tried the new orchard chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread and it was SO yummy. I kinda wanna go back and get another one today, haha :P And then we went a'yard-sale-ing :P N*SYNC dolls were at the one yard sale... how crazy is that? haha! I bought an aeropostale purse for $2, we got a grilled cheese maker for $1, and Ethan bought a new bow for $60. We are looking for a DVD holder and a bed haha... if anyone knows anyone selling these, lemme know :)

And then we came home and watched Madea Goes to Jail haha! Then it was off to Brad's graduation party. Here he is with a $1 bill my parents put in his card, bahahhaa. Sorry for the low quality pics, but I forgot my camera and had to use my phone. Bummer.

And here's Corey and Brad posing together :P

'Eh, we are hood. Get over it.

And here's Brad, Corey, and me posing at Brad's graduation party :)

And Corey's necklace broke. He was heartbroken. It'll be alright bub!

Then Ethan and I went over to his mom's house and watched Avatar. GREAT movie that I recommend to anyone :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 172- May 21st

Barbara Dale once stated, "Behind every working woman is an enormous pile of unwashed laundry..." And she was right. I had a huge pile of laundry to get done Friday. And I had a lovely helper hehe! My momma called me Thursday and asked if I wanted to meet her to shop Friday morning cause she had the day off so we met at the Dollar Tree and looked around. I saw Jeri whom I haven't seen in months! Great catching up :) Then mom and I went to Kohls where I bought 3 new shirts, 2 new pair of shorts, and a jacket. You'll see these new clothes on here through out the next few days I am sure hehe :) Then I signed up for a tanning package finally, went and grabbed some food, and hit up the laundry. I told mom she didn't have to... I always do it alone any other time lol, but she insisted! We rarely get to spend time together anymore so it was fun :) I hit my head on the car door.... it was pouring down rain... good times :P
Then we headed to the grocery. We went to a new grocery store this time.. it was tough to get used to. And well, I'm not one to make fun of people, but I just thought this older ladies' outfit was BRIGHT. She even had socks to match hehe!

And I have to share what I found at the grocery: ALL BERRY CAP'N CRUNCH! What the heck, right? I hated the Cap'n Crunch yellow thingys that were always mixed in with the berries and that's all we had back in my day. Now they have cereal with ALL berries. Yeah, I'm a little bitter, haha!

I also wanted to share (if you are interested) my new blog called "The Cool Whip of the Pie of Life" that I started. This blog is like the cool whip on some pumpkin pie. It's not really necessary, but it makes the world a little better. I'm not saying my random ramblings will change your life.... or it just might. But what it will do... is change mine. It gives me a chance to get little things off my chest that otherwise might turn into big things... The people that see me on a day to day basis thank you for allowing me to do this.

Then I spent the rest of the evening scrapbooking, watching Valentine's Day, and drinking a nice glass of wine :) It was a great, wonderful evening!

Here's my new scrapbook page:

And me with my glass of wine... in a margarita glass LOL :P

Cheers to Project 365!