Thursday, August 18, 2011

Project 365: Day 61- August 16th

Of course, I started my day with the 30 Day Shred. Alright, so I shouldn't say OF COURSE, haha! It's only day #2, but still, I think I'm doing pretty good! I've never been the most dedicated person to exercising, but fortunately------ I've found something I enjoy doing and I think it's mostly because I FEEL GOOD AFTER I'M DONE DOING IT! How awesome is that?? :) 

So here is to 28 more days! And hopefully shreding 20 more pounds :)
After that, we all get ready to went on over to the fair! I didn't go last year-- probably because I was puking my guts out through out the entire day thanks to being pregnant with my little girl. But NOW, she's here and we were ready for some fun! I'm not a huge 'rides' fan, but boy do I love the food (yes, I'm exercising-- so leave me alone about those 2 homemade donuts I had ;)) Tayler enjoyed the lights, the people... 
and even the sand box, haha! 

It was this HUGE sandbox for all of the kids. It was adorable to watch her 'playing' in it :) 

Then we got a family picture-- our first fair together!

Isn't our Tayler GORGEOUS? Gah, I love my little family and I am so very thankful for them!

The fair eventually began to wear Tayler out-- she was begging for baked steak at the local church booth... watching people win prizes.. and of course, enjoying a good ol' funnel cake, haha! 

'Shew. Chowing down on that was a job in itself! But she was soon wide awake and ready for the 'Rough Truck' competition and by gosh, she LOVED it! She didn't take her eyes off the loud, noisy jeeps! It was amazing. They were doing ramps and taking crazy turns. Tayler loved every bit of it :)

After we left, I got home and realized something tragic----


I was bawling my eyes out. That had my baby's pictures in it-- from birth. It was tragic! Fortunately, there are still some super sweet, honest people in this world and they had turned it in to the fair people. I got it back! Thank the Lord Almighty!


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