Sunday, August 14, 2011

Project 365: Day 58- August 13th

We started off our day going to visit E's family :) His Aunt Nancy was in town and had yet to meet our sweet Tayler! The last time Aunt Nancy was in town, I was 7 weeks pregnant. Crazy, right? She never saw my belly get huge or anything, and now all of the sudden I have a baby, haha! But here is Tayler meeting her Great Aunt Nancy:

Then we all got ready and went out to eat with Corey, then headed to MOPAR 2011 :) It's where you sit on the side of the road and watch sweet cars do burn outs. Amazing, right? 

We had SO much fun! Our friends Kelly, Gabi, Jess, DJ, Brook, Brayden, and Koen came along with my brother Corey, Dad, Mom, Ethan, Tayler, and me!! :) We had an enjoyable experience... then it got ruined by some grouches that were sitting next to us, haha! We were sitting in the grass in front of a hotel and they went and complained that it was hotel property and that we weren't hotel guests. Sooooo, they called the cops and well, we had to move! LOL But we had a blast where we moved to anyways! And guess what? Where we were sitting... they had a cop there all night long and no one did burn outs. Suckas! haha! :)

We had a blast though! It was great to just hang out with friends :) Here's a shot of Tayler and Mommy waiting for the stuff to start!

Such a big girl :) She was sitting up by herself for awhile. Makes this mommy proud :)

And she ended up scratching her eye :( I had a head band in where the ribbons clipped onto it and in a temper tantrum, she grabbed it, slid it down her face, and cut her eye... poor thing! But Gigi made it better and snuggled with her :)

I LOVE that little booger!

And Ethan even posed with her and Gabi, hehe! Kelly told him this was a lovely glimpse into his future, haha! Hilarious!

We had a wonderful night! 


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