Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Project 365: Day 59- August 14th

We hung out at the house with Gigi and Papaw earlier today :) Tayler was a little bit fussy--- darn teething, so she cuddled with Gigi and OF COURSE, Oreo!

She LOVE LOVE LOVES Oreo! She talks to him all the time, haha! We make him get his treats in front of her and she just adores it!

After hanging out with them, we packed up our stuff and met TJ, Lakin, Kelly, Gabi, and Bre at the Drive-In Movie Theaters! I was SO excited! I haven't been there since Spiderman was released and of course, it was Tayler's first time there! And guess what was playing??

THE SMURFS. (And Transformers 3, but that was for Daddy... I didn't think Mommy and Tayler would make it that far! HAHA!) The Smurfs started at 8:50pm and oh my word, it was adorable!

I told Ethan that's going to be Tay's Christmas present--- so she can always remember her first drive-in movie :) 

We even took a couple of pictures together!

Sorry for the brightness, Tay, haha! The Smurfs ended at about 11:00 and then it was time for Transformers. But I snuggled up with Tayler with one of her fuzzy blankies and went to sleep until 1AM when Transformers ended, haha! We were lazy!


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