Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project 365: Day 122- October 16th

We got up this morning and decided that we were going to go buy our TV stand for our new living room. Our goal is to have everything (but decorations) purchased prior to moving in there so that first month, we can focus on how much it is going to cost each month without having to worry about large furniture purchases. So, we headed over to Kmart and found a fabulous deal on a gorgeous stand! We LOVE it!

Isn't that beautiful? We love it and it matches everything perfectly! While we were there, we even bought a few glasses for our China Cabinet that were on sale and a beautiful table cloth for our dining room table. It's a deep burgundy color. I love it! We also bought some formal napkins with rings to put around them for the table. I can't wait to actually start decorating! Come on house! :)

After that, we came home and Dad had bought new boots so he let Tayler play with the box. She played longer with that than with her regular toys LOL! Goes to show money doesn't buy EVERYTHING, haha!

Then Dad had to work on some homework, so Mom, Ethan, Tayler, and me went to our favorite Mexican place... yes, that one I reference all of the time! I didn't feel too hungry today for some reason (I know crazy!) so I just got a regular hard taco and rice. It was still amazing!! :) Here's Tayler hanging out in her high chair. She was enjoying some bananas and strawberries :)

Notice how messy her shirt is? ;) haha! Forgot a bib. Genius!


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