Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project 365: Day 123- October 17th

Since I rarely ever do laundry on weekends (hey-- that's our family relaxing time! :)) I had a TON to do today. Boo. But guess what? We got it done, that's for sure! And Tayler helped, obviously.

What a big help, eh? ;)

And I had to take a picture of her today. I thought she looked absolutely adorable in her purple outfit :)

Gigi bought that for her.... doesn't it look so cute? :) It was only $3.00 at Walmart! Can't beat that!

And she is trying to crawl... and crawl.. and crawl. She wants to sooo bad! Every single time I sit her down she tries to take off. It looks something like this:

Then she just falls on her belly LOL!

We're almost there, Tay!

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