Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project 365: Day 124- October 18th

Tayler and I hung out outside for a little bit today. :) Can you tell this is our favorite spot?
Then we got ready and took Papaw to drop off his truck at the transmission place so that it could get worked on. Mommy drove Daddy's biiiiiig truck! It was crazy! :)

I sent that to E to warn him LOL!

We came home and we all had dinner, then Tayler got a bath and we figured.. heck, you know what? Tayler has teeth now, we should probably start brushing them (we didn't use tooth paste though!) I took a few pics of that because I thought she looked too cute and too big! :)

Then she hung out with Papaw and Gigi for awhile and played while Mommy and Daddy snuggled up and watched X-Factor! :) Who's watching?


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