Monday, October 10, 2011

Project 365: Day 113- October 7th

Tayler and I spent Friday enjoying each others company. Well... haha! ;) I had an article to write this morning and I wanted to get it out of the way so that we had time to do other things. Tayler wasn't in to playing with her toys on the floor, so I let her sit with me while I wrote. Now that little miss thing thinks she's BIG STUFF (haha) she was crawling and flopping all over me. Kind of makes it hard to work, right? :) haha! But oh well, I finally got it done... looking like this almost the entire time LOL

Once I got that done, Tayler and I went outside to enjoy the GORGEOUS weather! :) She loves being outside and so does Mommy! Here's what it looked like today.... AMAZING.

So thankful I live somewhere where you can truly appreciate the seasons and how they change :)

We swung on the porch swing for over an hour. So peaceful, serene, and relaxing.

After that, we all got ready and went to the football game. I think Ethan is totally becoming a fan of my Alumni. I'm working on it, haha! Tayler was super cranky at first... darn tooth, LOL But I'm so thankful it's finally broke through. We ended up leaving early however because it got like super super cold!

Like those glasses? I'm ready to have my regular ones back! *sigh*


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