Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Project 365: Day 116: October 10th

Tayler and I had a good day today and then we got ready so we could meet Gigi and Daddy for some YUMMY Mexican food!! Yes, we were going to our favorite yet again, haha! Here's a picture of us together:

Notice my glasses keep changing? I'm so ready to have my regular ones back! LOL

Once we went to the restaurant, we enjoyed our yummy fajita burritos... steak of course! And Tayler caught a couple's eye :) She always stares at people, haha, and this lady LOVED it. Well, lo and behold, she was 4 months pregnant and is sooo excited to have their baby! She didn`t know what they were having yet, but she talked to us about a lot of things going on in her pregnancy :) It was so nice to meet someone pregnant again, hehe! I miss being pregnant *sigh* Here's Tayler staring at them even after she walked away:

She wills people to talk to her, haha!

Once we ate til we couldn't eat anymore, we figured we should take a walk LOL!! Yes, that's what cures our guilt around here. So, Ethan, Tayler, and myself went on a beautiful walk!

She loves that jogging stroller and so do we! It pushes so easily :) I love walks with our family!


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