Friday, September 16, 2011

Project 365: Day 91- September 15th (and Project 52)


I love Thursdays for that reason alone, haha!

And my Tayler turned 24 weeks old today! At 2:22AM, it'd been 24 weeks since she came into my life in the flesh. Isn't that amazing? She's getting so big too!

A little over 19 pounds and growing every single day! 

What are we doing this week? 

Tayler has officially said TWO WORDS: Coh-wee (Uncle Corey) and Dah-dee (Daddy!) Yeah, I'm not bitter that I spend every waking moment with her and she hasn't said "Mama" yet. Everyone tells me it's harder for them to say. Lets hope that is why, haha! Tayler got the sling taken out of her bath tub so now she sits up like a big girl in it.... with toys! We have a picture of that :)

Thanks Gigi! She loves them :)

She finally has a good eating schedule down as well now. We've been working at it (she's not very patient-- when she's hungry, she's hungry. There's no warming up food, etc haha!) So, now we have it down to where she gets cereal for breakfast about 8-10AM, a bottle in between, baby food about 12PM-2PM, a bottle in between, then some baby food about 6PM-7PM, and of course, a bottle at the end of the night! Beautiful :) 

And she's sleeping so much better in her crib! The past week, she's pretty much slept til between 530-730 (although her bed time still leaves something to be desired, hahahaha!)

And that's our sweet Tayler! Getting oh so big!

We went for a walk today with Daddy :) It was GORGEOUS out (fall is here I think?) and she LOVED IT!

Once we got home, Daddy played with Tayler while Mommy made dinner! I cooked chicken breast that had marinated in balsamic vinaigrette dressing all night. I also made cheesy potatoes (recipe HERE) and some yummy green beans! 

Soooooo good!

And I had to share SCENTSY with all of you!! This is the new October Scent of the Month and Warmer of the Month. I am in LOVE with this warmer!!

These will be available October 1st :)

You can check out Scentsy period at :)


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