Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Project 365: Day 88- September 12th

Monday is typically our lazy day. We have busy, busy weekends and then we catch up on EVERYTHING Monday... including being lazy, haha ;) Alright, I seriously wasn't THAT lazy! Lots of laundry to do. Lots of Tayler stuff to do. I worked on some articles to make some MONNNNEEEEY and then... I got addicted. No, seriously.


It's terrible, y'all. Like I am legit thinking about seeking intervention already. I have found so many ideas to decorate our house, I don't even no where to start first. So anyways. First picture... my laptop where all of the 'pinteresting' things happen!

And while I was searching for things, Tayler was of course, snoozing. And she has a new way to snooze. I swear, she doesn't like my arms anymore, haha! She has become soooo independent. I'm not allowed to hold her for nap time anymore. Nope. Now, she wants to lay on her side with her binkie and blankie. I rock her side to side and she falls asleep... It's what she wants. So.. fine. :( I get it. I should probably get used to being 'not-so-cool' now.... save myself the hard times when she's 16 ;)

And while finding my way around 'Pinterest' I found this beautiful poem and I had to share it. I have always struggled with my stretchmarks. I didn't have them during pregnancy, but after I had Tayler, I got them. I loved Tayler, of course, but I couldn't look at myself in the mirror. This changed it all...


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I am totally addicted to Pinterest too!!! what a neat idea to have all your favorite sites on there ya know?!