Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Project 365: Day 89- September 13th

Our morning started off with a yummy bottle. Well... a bottle for Tayler :) And guess what? She fed herself 3 ounces! Yay, Tayler. I finished the last ounce because she had trouble tipping it!  
Then, she got dressed in her pretty blue! I think today could possibly be the last "hotter" day we have. We shall see :)
Since it was so nice out, we sat on the porch swing for about 2 hours. Tayler cannot ever resist it's power LOL She always falls asleep, haha!

When we came inside, I worked on editing some car pictures I have taken for E's man-cave and man-bathroom LOL He wants old car pictures in black and white around the room, so this was my first test run :)

I like it :)

I made stuffed peppers last night for dinner. You can find the recipe HERE

Yummy! Nice and moist :)

And before bed-time we had a dance session with Tay to "It Girl" by Jason Derulo-- the clean version ;) We had so much fun and she LOVED it LOL


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