Monday, September 12, 2011

Project 365: Day 87- September 11th

Well, we've upgraded (and I completely forgot to note that my daughter said her first word this weekend! Everyone in my family can confirm this, plus I have video proof ;)) I will post that at the end so be ready, haha!

Anyways, back to upgrading... (Have you noticed everything in my blog is about my daughter anymore? I don't really do much else, haha!) But, here lately I have been bathing Tayler in her bath (with the sling still in it) then I take it off and let her sit in the tub like a big girl to get used to it. Well, it is tough to put her in, bathe her, pick her up soaking wet, take the sling out, and put her back in the tub, haha, so we decided tonight to officially take out the sling and just bathe her like a big girl. It was MUCH better and she played and had such a good time! I cannot believe my sweetheart is THAT big now! 

Would have been nice if I took a picture of her in it, right? haha! Oh well. You get the picture!

And here's Daddy with his big girl after her big girl bath:

We took some pictures of her laying in our bed to show everyone how long she actually is. She's only 5 months old, but fitting in 12 month sleepers. She's got some height on her, let me tell you that!

Gosh almighty, Tayler is a'growin!

And we had some fun last night, haha! I told E I would give him a foot massage (well, I didn't know how NASTY his toe nails were, but that's another post!) So, anyways, during this 'foot massage', I painted his big toe nail... PINK, bahahaha!

And after painting his... I painted mine :) Fingernails and toe nails.. it was loooong overdue!

We had a lot of fun, haha! Cheers!

And here is Tayler saying 'Unc-Coh-Coh' (Uncle Corey).. GO FIGURE right? I'm with her every day and I get nothin'! haha!


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