Sunday, September 11, 2011

Project 365: Day 86- September 10th

Today, we woke up before the crack of dawn. I wish y'all knew how long it's been since I've actually woken up (for the day) before the sun has risen, ha! It has been since BEFORE I had Tayler. I mean, I wake up and feed her in the dark, obviously, haha, but I'm never up and 'atum before the glorious rising of the sun! So, we got up at 5:00AM, got ready, and trekked our way through the great outdoors to watch my dad and his team in the 


Have any of you ever competed in this? It looks brutal!

And the way my dad looks in this picture... well, it shows it all!

Dirty from head to toe! That's the way everyone looked up there! Crazyness-- especially from someone like me that doesn't particularly like to get dirty!

But Tayler and I came along and watched Papaw :) We were so proud of him!

Gigi, Uncle Corey, and Aunt Marie also came to support Tayler's Papaw! We were all so proud because we knew (after reading about it) how tough that course was. I'm impressed that Dad made it through the whole thing. It would take me years of training to do one dash, haha!

And here's the Warrior with his favorite 5 month old in the world!

Congratulations Dad! You did a great job! :)

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That's pretty awesome! I actually ran the Warrior Dash here in TN yesterday. It was GLORIOUS! I don't think I've ever been that dirty in my life!
Props to your pops! Tell him his next challenge should be a Tough Mudder! I'm already training!