Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 480: March 25th- Baby Care Packages and Stuffed Shells!

First off, lets start with a lovely motivational quote taken from Quotemeal:
"God has a history of using the insignificant to accomplish the impossible." [Richard Exley]
Thought this was a good quote for today :) Don't EVER think you aren't good enough!
And now for our FRIDAY update!
I've gotten into a routine in the mornings here lately. With labor being possible ANY day now, I want to be absolutely prepared, so every morning I find myself getting up, getting a shower, getting dressed, cleaning the house, and making sure everything looks good JUST IN CASE Tayler decides today should be her birthday. I know, do I sound like a complete weirdo that I'm worried about what people think when they come over to my house directly after she's born? I'd be embarrassed if there were messes everywhere! haha! So, I find myself making sure everything looks spic and span... then I relax :)
But there was no relaxing involved today. After getting ready, I met my mom at the mall and walked around with her for about an hour. With it being so cold outside right now, walking seems like a chore outdoors, haha! So the mall was perfect! We had a great time even if my mom does walk EXTREMELY fast.... especially when walking with a 38week pregnant woman ;) haha!!
Once I got home, there were 2 packages waiting for me! (Well, TAYLER... haha! The girl gets more mail than we do and she's not even here yet LOL)
My sweet friend Amanda sent us a Wipe Warmer :) Thank you so much, Amanda, we appreciate it more than you can imagine!

And we had a baby care package from another dear friend of mine, Morgan! :) She bought Tayler tons of things! I figured I would share, hehe :)

[Diapers and wipes.. you can never have enough of these!]

[Lotion... Body Wash.. and Pacis! :)]

[A few shirts, hehe! "Mommy's Lil Shopper," "Surf Beach Patrol," and "America's Sweet Heart"]

[A few summer onesies :) Yes, Tayler is spoiled, haha! Aren't they adorable?]

[And how CUTE are these little shorts? haha! Ethan and I were freaking out about how adorable they are! hehe! :)]

Thank you so much Morgan and Amanda! Tayler will appreciate these soooo much :)

After opening the packages, I got started on dinner. Ethan and I were having stuffed shells tonight (and since I was running out of time... and forgot to buy garlic bread, haha, I ordered garlic bread and a salad for us to split from our local italian restaurant and had that delievered :))

I cut some corners on the stuffed shells today, but they still tasted good... at least I thought so, haha :) I cooked the pasta shells according to the instructions on the box, drained those, and let them cool. I browned a pound of hamburger and loaded it with garlic and pepper and added cheese. I stuffed the peppers and covered them in Preggo Spaghetti Sauce and mozzarella cheese. Cook those at 350 degrees for one hour and voila! :) It was a yummy dinner.. and we had cinnamon flat bread for dessert. Mmm! :)

And I had to share. My phone beeped this morning and it said it had to do an update, so of course, I did the update and my phone like completely changed around! Any Samsung Epic users out there? Did your phone do the same? I think the neatest change was the 'texting conversations.' Check this out:

The yellow is the person I'm texting, the blue is my texting. This was NOT how texting looked on my phone on Thursday, haha! But I really like it :)

Alright, well... I think that sums up our Friday. Still no baby, but maybe this weekend? *Fingers crossed*

Cheers to Project 365!