Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tons O' Topics Day 14

Day 14: What is the wackiest advice you've ever received?
Wow, this is tough, haha! I'm sitting here trying to rack my brain thinking of the WACKIEST advice I've ever received.... give me a few minutes. Usually if it's ridiculous advice, I put it outside of my mind and never think of it again, haha!
I think the wackiest advice I've ever received was....
"Don't get married."
I know, sounds crazy right? But you wouldn't believe the amount of cynical people out there. I always heard "Don't get married too young..." "Divorce rates are high..." "Love doesn't last..."
but truth be told, I couldn't imagine my life without Ethan in it :) I WANTED to marry him. December 28th, 2010 was an incredible day that we will never forget. I think taking that advice and tossing it out the window has made all the difference in my life, hehe :)