Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 481: March 26th- Parties and 38 Weeks Pregnant

First off, here is a motivational quote from HolliesQuotes:
"The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible." [Richard M. DeVos]
And now for our SATURDAY update :)
Today was a bit of a lazy day. Ethan ran tons of errands (stuff I didn't really care for, haha! Like... going to purchase ammo for his new gun.... lifting weights...) Yea, needless to say, I was perfectly content sitting in my peejays on the couch til 12:30. Don't sue me.. I'm pregnant haha and motivation seems to be abandoning me here lately! But I eventually got up and got going haha! We visited with Ethan's mom and his sister and our nephews and then my mom came and picked me up to head out of town for my cousin's birthday/graduation/leaving for the army party. He turned 18 last week, he graduates in May, and leaves for the army in June.. so why not just have a HUGE party for all of those amazingly awesome celebrations! :)
Here I am prior to leaving for the party. I had to ask myself... can I get any bigger? LOL

That's a 38 weeks, 2 days belly. Yes, 12 days 'til D-Day. Yes, I'm on the countdown, haha!

Here's a shot of part of the decorations there:

We sat at the army table. There was also a 'birthday celebration' table and a 'graduation celebration' table hehe! We were fascinated by all of the decorations here... army hats... little soldiers. Incredible.

And here's my belly sitting. Sorry I'm so obsessed with snapping pics of this thing, but knowing that it's only going to be there for a little longer makes me kind of sad (and really excited because I'm ready to meet our sweetheart! But I am going to miss that belly, haha!)

And Lady Gaga's song 'Poker Face' came on, so my parents thought they would take the time to BOOGY haha! :)

And here's a shot of Izzy and me. Funny story about her. She came over to the table where I was sitting and touched my belly. I said, "There's a baby in there..." and she says, "Baby in there?" and I said, "Yes! You were a baby 3 years ago..." and she got SERIOUS and looked me straight in the eyes, pointed to herself, and said, "I not a baby. I'm BIG!" hahah! I always forget that's a sensitive subject for 3 year olds! :)

(I also hear I look like a mommy in this picture... Maybe I'm starting to grow up, LOL)
And here's a shot of my mom, dad, and myself with the birthday boy/graduate/future USA soldier:

Congratulations Nick and we wish you the best! :)
Oh and I have to share the outfit Tayler's Gigi (my mom) bought Tayler yesterday! Since Tayler will DEFINITELY be here by Easter (my due date is the 7th and I highly doubt they'll let me go past April 24th... at least they better not if they know what's good for them ;) HAHAH) this will be here FIRST HOLIDAY with us... and thus, mom thought this was appropriate and I couldn't agree more!

I can't wait to see her wear it, hehe! :)
After I got home, I relaxed for awhile until the hubby got home from work. Then TJ and Laken came over and we watched 'Case 39.' What a creepy, creepy movie. But-- I always seem to think philosophically about it and there are some true things hidden within this movie.... especiallly about fear. Let me know if you've watched it and what you thought about it :)

Cheers to Project 365!