Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project 365: Day 477- March 22nd

And let's start our day off with a quote from Quotemeal:
"Our faith should be our steering wheel, not our spare tire." [C.L Wheeler]
And now for Tuesday's update! :)
Early this morning, I heard a knock at the door and there was our sweet FedEx man (it's the same one that delivers EVERY package hehe!) He carried in 2 packages for us. I was quite shocked because I hadn't ordered anything.. (I know, my husband was shocked too, haha!) So, I started opening up the package and lo and behold my Aunt had purchased us a high chair for our sweet Tayler! And since hubby was at work, I took it upon myself to put it together. Since getting pregnant and purchasing things, I've started putting A LOT together. Quite frustrating at times, but I feel amazing when something finally comes together and I did it ALONE :) Well.... I started on the high chair and I was so excited that I thought I'd finally put it together, but... something didn't look quite right HAHAHAHAH.

I don't think Tayler can eat out of that? HAHAHA! Oh goodness. But I soon realized that I'd just put the legs on backwards. Nothing I couldn't fix. And now look at our gorgeous high chair...


And this high chair is amazing because it folds up!

Yes, it's the little things that just amaze me :)
And well, that wore me out, haha! So, Ethan brought home dinner.....


I stole this from a website, but I obviously downed mine so quickly, the camera didn't even have time to come out LOL! :) Oh nom, nom, nom! I wanted some spicey and yummy, haha! :)

And after chowing down on all of those calories, we went on 2 walks. Yes, people... we are TRYING to have a baby LOL Everyone says it's creepy to live next door to a cemetery... it is (at night LOL) but it makes for a GREAT place to walk! Tons of roads and tons of circles you can go in, hehe! I LOVE it.

Cheers to Project 365!