Thursday, April 5, 2012

Project 366: Day 48 [April 4th]

Good morning fellow bloggers!

Hope you are having a fabulous day today! :)

First, I thought I'd start off with the the April 'Photo A Day' Challenge!

Today's task was to take a picture of someone who makes you happy.

I'm guessing you all know who I'm taking a picture of, right? ;)

My pretty little baby :)

And speaking of her.

She probably hates me, haha!

Since I got my new camera, she has been my faithful test subject. I took a few more 'Easter' pictures of her today and thought I would share!

She's just precious!

We spent a lot of time outside today because it was so nice out! We had time on the porch swing together and then I let her play in the yard for a little bit :)

And I wore my new skirt from Walmart today. I love how 'flowy' and 'cool' it is :)

I also spent a great deal of time doing laundry today! I had some catching up to do and I wanted to wash our bedding! Don't you love climbing in to bed to FRESH bedding?? Mmm! I do! :) They look kind of wrinkled because Tayler was laying right there before I took the picture LOL, but gosh almighty, I think that was the best night of sleep I have gotten in awhile. Amazing the difference it makes!

I was too lazy to cook dinner, so we picked something up. I have been really tired here lately and E hasn't been feeling good. So, we ordered in! After that, Papaw and Gigi came to visit. Tayler has officially said her 12th word and that is: PAPAW! I called my dad and told him and of course, they immediately came over ;) LOL! They are a sucker for that little girl let me tell you!

After they left, we all got our baths and cuddled in for some 'American Idol!'

Did any of you watch it last night?? What did you think??

I will say that I think the bottom 3 will be:

1. DeAndre Bracensick
2. Hollie Cavanaugh
3. Elise Testone

and I think Elise is going home.

As I always say-- I'm always wrong about these, so don't put any hope in to it LOL!

I loved Colton's performance last night and SKYLER LAINE! Holy cow, she nailed it! That was AMAZING. I told Ethan, I had goose bumps upon goose bumps.... seriously!! :) What did y'all think??

Cheers to Project 366!

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