Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekly Meals [4/9-4/13]

Man oh man! I am finally ahead of the game this week, haha! Usually I am writing the grocery list like 3 hours before the store! This is awesome, haha! It makes me feel better when the grocery list is finished ahead of time because then I can add things as we run out. This is a relief! :)

And this is what I have for the dinners for the week. It could change slightly depending on what we run out of in the days ahead, but it should stay pretty much the same! 

What are you cooking for next week?

Easter Dessert:  Rice Krispie eggs
Monday: Pepperoni/Sausage strombolis (per Ethan's request!)
Tuesday: E's birthday (Birthday breakfast: bacon, eggs, hashbrowns)
Wednesday: Taco Dip/Bacon Cheddar Dip (per Ethan's request!.. it's his birthday week so he thinks he has a say in things ;))
Thursday: Cook-Out with Fries
Friday:  Breakfast for dinner: French toast, Bacon.
Saturday: Going out!

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Melissa W.

<3 this!!

...and I just read your about me...

<3 that, too!!!!

My husband and I moved quickly too...not because of a pending arrival, but because I knew once I "had" him, I was NEVER letting go. Hooray for fast courtships & lasting marriages!!!

God is so good!!!