Friday, April 6, 2012

Project 366: Day 49 [April 5th]

Morning fellow bloggers! :)

So, first I wanted to share some news!

I am working towards learning a lot more about photography and I am doing that through a personal (facebook) website. It is called 'Bay Photography.'

You can find that here if you are interested!

I am really excited! I am doing all sessions for free so that I can learn as much as possible about my camera, editing programs, etc. If you are interested, please let me know!

And now for the 'Photo A Day' challenge for April!

Today's task was: TINY.

I took a few pictures of it!

Just my interpretation of 'tiny.' What did you take pictures of?? :)

All of today was spent cuddling. I had a very sick baby. Her fever spiked to 102.4 which completely freaked me out. She's never had a fever that high :( We're pretty sure it's a cold. She's been coughing, a runny nose, etc. Here she is cuddling her Mommy:

And even though she enjoyed cuddling Mommy, Gigi came over for lunch and she decided to cuddle her too! 

Gigi even brought her french fries and she wouldn't eat those :( You know she isn't feeling good when that happens! As the day progressed, her fever just kept getting worse. All she wanted to do was lay on the couch... and that is very rare for someone who is always on the go. She didn't even go in her play room :(

Breaks my heart.

I wrote this on Facebook:

Days like today... I am reminded why God made Mothers. Just by wrapping their arms around their children, Mothers bring comfort. By kissing their foreheads, they bring a sense of healing. By rubbing their backs, they bring peace that they will never leave. By laying beside of them, they bring knowledge that their children will never go through trials alone. With my baby sick, curled up next to me... I can only take a moment to thank God for the blessing of being a Mother. I can be for Tayler what my mother was to me: A constant in the midst of a not-so-constant world. I wish I could take her sickness, but since I can't, I'll rejoice for God giving me the chance to care for her. He's good to me!

But in GOOD news..

I got my new glasses today! My husband's team is ORANGE, so I thought these represented the occasion rather well!

I'm so excited for their next game! :) I love being all color-coordinated, haha!

And the rest of the night, we all cuddled up. Ethan is sick, Tayler is sick.. and I'm worn out from taking care of both of them LOL!! So, we laid down and watched 'American Idol!'

If you remember correctly, I predicted Hollie, Elise, and DeAndre of being in the bottom 3 and for the 2nd week in a row, IT WAS RIGHT! This is such a rare occasion I had to share it haha! However, I predicted that Elise was going home and it was DeAndre. I agree with that. I just thought all of the teenage girls of the world would have been voting for DeAndre, haha! :) I'm anxious to see who ends up winning this competition! I think the top 3 (as of right now) will be Colton, Jessica, and Skyler. What do you think??

Cheers to Project 366!

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