Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Project 365: Day 95- September 19th

We didn't really do a whole lot today. It was rainy and icky and I felt terrible. This whole changing of the seasons thing kicks my butt every single year. So, we were lazy today. Plus, Gigi is on vacation this week, so we all sat around and watched TV. I did some laundry and cleaned, but that was about it, haha! So, I don't have very many pictures from today, so I thought I would share something else.

About 2 months ago, we found a house that we LOVED. We had made plans of what we were going to do to it. It felt like a dream. We went to the realtor to make an offer. But we were strung along.. and along.. and along. We were lied to unfortunately and just went through some tough things. We were hating the 'buying a house process.' Well, the couple counter-offered, but we had completely had it with everything. So, we denied the counter-offer and went about our way. 

Well, when we first moved out, there was a house that we saw that we absolutely LOVED. It was our 'dream house' essentially, but it was completely out of our price range. So, obviously, we couldn't even try and purchase it. Well, on Friday we found out that they had dropped the price and we could FINALLY afford it!!! So, we made an appointment to see it Friday night.. we, of course, loved seeing it in person. We made an offer. And the realtor told us to wait it out. Well, we weren't even 10 minutes up the road and we got the phone call that they ACCEPTED THE OFFER!!!! They had been praying to sell the house, we had been praying to purchase a house.... and God BLESSED us abundantly!!! I never thought in a million years we would own something this nice and beautiful. I am so thankful that God saw our hearts desire. He is wonderful to us! So, let me share some pictures everyone!! This was an announcement I have been dying to make, hehe!! :)

Here is our house! We move in before November 1st!

(I LOVE LOVE LOVE this part of the house!!)

(Our front door)

(Our office)

(One of my favorite parts!! THE FIREPLACE.. it's gas. I can't wait to make some smores!)

(I LOVE this kitchen! God blessed me above all I could have asked-- it has a dishwasher!!!)

(The main bathroom :))

There are tons of other rooms, but I took a picture of my favorites, hehe!!

Now-- my pinterest addiction is really kicking in! I plan on going to the store one day this week and picking up some things to start some projects for a few of the rooms. I can't wait to see the finished product and of course, I'll share it with everyone!


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AAH! I'm so happy for you, Lyss!! The house is gorgeous and so perfect for your little family. Glad to hear all is going well for you :)