Monday, September 19, 2011

Project 365: Day 94- September 18th

We started our morning off with lots of cuddles. Tayler hasn't been feeling good (thanks to those lovely teeth coming in, bless her heart!) So she was cranky, didn't want to sleep, but wanted to snuggle. So, Daddy took that offer up before we left to go watch a football game :)

He can't ever take a normal picture. Seriously. haha!

Then we were on our way to our little cousin's football game :) It was GORGEOUS day out, so we definitely jumped at the chance to be outside!! :)

Here is Trinton getting ready to take someone down, haha:

Go boy, go!

Tayler was being such a good girl. She sat on our multi-school blanket with her "best friend" and watched the boys and the cheerleaders.

Looks like such a big girl.

Daddy even got down there and played with 'them' :)
Of course, he poses. Did you expect anything less? haha!
And Tayler spent some time with her Gigi! She LOVES her Gigi :)

Once we got home, we started working with Tayler on her crawling again. And guess what? Papaw even learned to crawl today ;) Such a big boy, haha!

He was trying to show Tay how to do it :)

After that, TJ and Lakin came over. It was so nice to see them! It's been awhile! 


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