Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Teen Mom 2

Did anyone catch the Teen Mom 2 premiere last night?

I'll go ahead and admit it, I'm addicted.

I never watched this before and then when we moved in with my parents, my mom got me addicted, so I watched all of them on Netflix, got caught up, and well, here I am.. blogging about it :)

If you didn't watch it yet, then do not read on because it will spoil things for you. Not that there's much to spoil. I actually thought it was a rather boring episode. I've never actually 'watched the clock' when one of these were on, but it lacked the drama I thought it would. Sue me, I'm a sucker, haha! I hate it in my own life, but enjoy watching it on TV. 

Leah: Leah, Leah, Leah... I think she basically said what a lot of stay-at-home-moms feel. I'm glad she was honest. Being a stay-at-home-mommy isn't for everyone. That's not saying she's a bad mom. It's just some women are not cut out for being at home all day long. I'm not a career-woman. I once thought I was (hence all of my student loan debt...) but now that I've had Tayler, I want to be home with all of my babies and couldn't imagine life any other way. However, I'm totally glad Leah was honest with herself. You can work and be a mommy. So if you want to, you might as well do it. I just wish Corey was a little more supportive. He seems like he holds the past against her... often. Let it go, bro!

Chelsea: Oh, Chelsea. I feel bad for the girl. She had a baby with a man she absolutely loves and he's a total douche bag to her. Sorry to use that terminology, but lets call it like it is. She adores him.. and he knows it. So, he comes in, flirting with her, trying to kiss her.. acting like WBD (world's best dad..) and it gets her thinking again. I hope to God she doesn't go back to him. Chelsea is by far my favorite on this show and I think she deserves the best in a man. Not some guy that comes around every now and then and calls her terrible names. (Also, she deserves to get on here and tell me how she does her hair. I LOVE IT!! :))

Kailyn: Oh, I felt confusion watching her. I can tell she *likes* Jordan, but seriously-- she hugged Jo and I thought for sure there was going to be a kiss. I can see now why the previews we have been watching for weeks shows her going a bit too far with him. You can tell they still love each other. He can be such a sweetheart when he wants to, darn it. I love how they are getting along though. That speaks volumes about them and it is only going to benefit Isaac, so mad props to those two! And how cute did Isaac look in his little outfit? and Jordan? Well, lets not go there, haha!

Jenelle:  I'm just going to be honest. I hate her even being on this show. She annoys the living crap out of me. I cannot stand hearing her mom say,  "Be home by midnight so you can watch Jace tomorrow." I'm sorry but when I leave the house to go get something to eat with my husband, I never hear anyone tell me when to be home. I'm a mom. I understand my priorities. I know that I need to have a good amount of sleep to keep up with her the next day and she isn't even walking. I'm not trying to judge her parenting style, but seriously-- it has to click sometime who is MOST important in your life. I love my husband (as she says she loves Kieffer...) but if he started pulling me down and making me less of a mother, I'd say goodbye because Tayler comes first. Ethan is tied for that, but if he takes away from Tayler in the sense of me actually being there for her and raising her right, there's no question there. (Although I know my husband would never do that.) And seriously-- I know her mom nags and nags and nags, but it's still no reason to be rude. She's still your mother.. regardless. 

Alright, so there's my take on it all. What did you all think of the premiere? I hope you'll join me for a weekly chit-chat on this! I'm stoked it's back! Can't wait to watch more :)



To me these shows are like watching a car wreck. They are awful and you know you shouldn't look but you just can't turn away.