Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Merry Christmas?

Remember me talking about Christmas Spirit yesterday? Well.. to carry on with that, we decided to take Tayler to see Santa Claus. She's 8 months old. I didn't figure there would be a 'fear' factor in here yet, you know? People told me "Oh, this will be the easy year.. next year is when she will start being scared of him." So, I figured we would run inside, get a few ADORABLE pictures for our Christmas, and head on out. No pain. 

Boy, was I and EVERYONE ELSE wrong, haha!

I'm not even going to explain. Just enjoy the pictures, haha!

(When we first got in there... she's doing good.)

(Okay, I don't know him....)

(Get me out of here!!!)

(Mommy trying to comfort her... see the real tears? Poor baby...)

(And after about 15 minutes.. and Daddy being by her side.. she was better!)

We had such a "fun" time, haha! We made some memories and that's what counts. I love that kid! Merry Christmas everyone!