Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Spirit

It FINALLY feels like Christmas. I was beginning to worry that I wouldn't feel that 'spirit' and anticipation I usually feel around this time of year. But lets face it-- last year, I had everything decorated around our home the day OF Thanksgiving. This year, it still wasn't done as of Saturday. I need the lights, the soft glow of the Christmas tree, presents under the tree... all of that goodness to just FEEL the beauty of this holiday. I know it sounds 'superficial' but you know what I mean. I know the meaning of this holiday, so I don't need all of that to understand my thankfulness towards Jesus Christ for coming in the flesh to rescue us... but I just need it to *FEEL* the Christmas spirit. I can't even explain it... :)

But let me get to the point.

THE HOUSE IS DECORATED!! :) We are going to get a Christmas tree tonight, but everything else is done. Decorations out on the table, Merry Berry Scentsy warmer, lights around the bar... anything you can imagine. I even wrapped presents last night to the Christmas tunes we all know and love! Hubby took Tayler for awhile and gave me some *ME* time to do what I love, hehe! It was just perfect! Only thing that would have made it better would have been hot chocolate, but I think I will survive! Once we get the Christmas tree set up, I will take pictures because I realize I haven't taken any pictures in awhile!! 

How do you guys get into the Christmas Spirit? Anything special?? 

Next thing on the agenda is going to look at the lights with Tayler. I know she is just going to LOVE it!!! 

Speaking of Tayler. We hit a new milestone. It's not a *huge* deal, but I think it's just adorable. She finally learned how to suck out of a straw :) She loves doing it now, haha! We got her a sippy cup with a straw and she thinks she's such a *big* girl. Too adorable!

Hope you all are having a great Holiday season!!! Do something nice for someone this year! :) It will do your heart good!