Friday, July 22, 2011

Project 365: Day 35- July 21st (And Project 52)

Tayler turned 16 weeks old today! It's hard to believe that 16 weeks ago, I was holding a 6'3 oz, 20" long baby girl in my hands. Now?

She's 15.6 pounds and over 25" long. How crazy is that? I just can't  believe how fast these kids grow!! In 16 weeks, she has gained over 9 pounds and has grown over 5". Imagine if adults grew at those numbers consistently? haha! No wonder she can be fussy :( Poor baby! She's also started these 'teething process.' She doesn't have any sign of teeth yet, obviously, but she's definitely gettin' the ball a'rollin! And she's grown to LOVE her thumb.. She was sucking on it while watching 'Little Einsteins' yesterday. It was freaking adorable! She even giggled at the show. hehe!
Then we went to the ball field to watch Papaw play some ball! :) Here is the big girl and Gigi watching! Doesn't she look so grown up here??

 And I got some snuggle time with Bryn. Isn't she tiny? I can't believe my baby was once this small!

Happy 16 Weeks, Tayler!


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