Sunday, July 24, 2011

Project 365: Day 37- July 23rd

Today was going to be a super awesome day! :) We were going to Leeann's BABY SHOWER! :) Yes, I said it haha! Cue baby fever, because yes indeed--- it happened! :P Leeann is pregnant for a sweet little girl named Fayth. I'm so excited to see her and so excited for Leeann and my cousin Justin. They are going to be wonderful parents. The shower was gorgeous! They had little gift bags with nail polish, files, make-up headbands, and lip gloss. How sweet, right? and we had AMAZING chocolate cake. Yummy! The shower was held here:

Steak n' Stein at Roscoe Village :) Thanks Google-- what a gorgeous picture since I forgot to take pictures of it hehe! :) Thanks for hosting it, Aunt Trudy! We loved it! 

Tayler posed with the Mommy-To-Be :)
She loved her cousin Justin talking to her :)
After that, we headed home for a relaxing night at home! We were exhausted! We had some bratwursts and played with Tayler-- a typical night in this household! Mom was holding the cell phone and having her stare at it and follow it, hehe! She's holding her head up so good now! 

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