Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Project 365: Day 40- July 26th

Everything is done for our wedding reception Saturday :) We finalized everything today and got all of the little last minute things completed. Well, I guess I shouldn't say EVERYTHING. We still have to pick up food, decorate the place, and make the salad, green beans, and rolls... but that's it! :) We have the hotel booked. Someone to pick us up... I think we're set to go. Do you even know how excited I am? E and I got married in December... I was 6.5 months pregnant and we didn't have a real wedding. We got married at the court house. And while I do not regret that decision, I do wish I would have gotten to celebrate with everyone :( So now.. my parents have made it possible for me to have the wedding reception of a life time! I even have a dress! It's crazy... I'm already married to the man, but I still have butterflies and little girl excitement for Saturday! :)

My husband and I both decided today to start a weight loss challenge. We're going to motivate one another. I still have a few pounds to shed to get to my pre-preggo weight, so we decided to start up a work out plan, rules, etc. We even have a prize! :) If I get to my goal weight first, I get $200 to do whatever I want with. If he reaches his goal weight first, he gets $200 to do whatever he wants with it. Let the games begin, right? We even took our pre-weight loss pictures too.

Wish us luck and I'll be sure to keep you updated on our progress! :)

After that.. E went to work and I hung out with Tayler. I had a few shows from Monday that I needed to catch up on, so Tayler and I sat on the bed and enjoyed them. Tayler even sat up like a big girl :) She's getting better at night leaning forward like she usually does, haha!

Big girl :)

Then her and I got ready and we went to the ball field with Gigi to watch Papaw play some ball. She was doing good.. awake and alert, chit-chatting with her Gigi..

Then I looked over 20 minutes later... and well... here's what I saw, haha!

Out like a light, haha!


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