Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Project 365: Day 39- July 25th

We had SUCH a list of things to do today it was insane, haha! And go figure--- my husband lacks extreme motivation to even get out of bed. I know I shouldn't be whining-- he works midnight shift, so he's used to sleeping for quite awhile during the day, poor fella, haha! Prior to leaving, I gathered my list. E makes fun of me for this... but I swear, we'd never get everything done if I didn't make them LOL and the stroller required a post-it of it's own. We were going to the mall and Tayler is just too heavy to carry around in her car seat anymore LOL!
What was on that long list?
- Get E's outfit the wedding reception
- Get a hair accessory for me
- Get nude make-up for me and waterproof mascara
- Get a pair of white flats
- Get bouquet
- Get garter
- Get masks for us as well as our guests
- Get clothes for Brittany out of storage unit
- Pick up Formula

And guess what?

WE GOT EVERYTHING DONE BY 6:30PM! :) We are officially all set for our wedding reception, we just have to pick up the food Friday/Saturday :) Whoo-hoo!

Ethan was having fun at Der Ver Ber messing with all of the decorations, haha! 
Once we got home, we had some dinner, and of course-- we played with Tayler. She had a rough day with being drug everywhere in the world, so we gave her a bath, fed her some yummy oatmeal, and we relaxed her. She had fun, haha! :P

Then we relaxed while she slept and watched 'The Lincoln Lawyer.' 


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