Friday, April 20, 2012

Project 366: Day 63 [April 19th]

Morning bloggers!

So first, I just have to share my adorable child today. As you saw yesterday, she started wearing her hair in piggy tails. Well, today she was a piggy-tailed Buckeye and my goodness, she looked so stinkin' adorable!!

Oh my word, right?

I always say it, but holy cow-- I don't know how I stand being home with such cuteness all day ;)

I didn't have Kenton today because he wasn't feeling well.. which, as sad as it is that he doesn't feel good, it worked out well BECAUSE..

I shattered the front of my phone. 

Lovely right?

I've had a good run with this phone though, honestly. I've had it for a year and a half and it's still in tact. That's pretty amazing if you're asking me! 

So, since my mom is on vacation, she came to the Sprint store with me to figure something out. Well, she basically watched Tayler while I TRIED to figure things out, LOL, but they couldn't do anything for me, so we left and went to McDonalds. The McDonalds near the store has a play place, so we took Tayler there!

Here she is munching on some french fries!

She's getting so big. You just hand her food and she goes at it now, hehe!

After eating, we let he down to play. I really get nervous when I do this. Last time we were at a play place, a little boy was really mean to her. I don't know what it is with kids. They see a little one that is smaller than them and they take advantage of it. Frustrates me! And a kid did it again here. The mom didn't say or do anything. That is just irritating. At least tell him to behave!.. but I digress. We kept Tayler near us and she found a little guy that was almost 2 to play with. How cute are they?

She was having a blast! Then-- it was hilarious. The little guy that was sitting near us went over to his grandma and said, 'Mamaw, something stinks.' And we all laughed and she told him she didn't smell anything. Well, Tayler came over to get her sippy and I smelled it. I picked her up and sure enough-- my kid was the stinky kid! HAHA! So, needless to say, we packed up and headed home, but she had a blast!! :) 

Once we got home, Ethan made some phone calls to try and figure out if we could get me a new phone without having to pay full price. And God love my husband. I don't know how he works the magic that he does, but he got Sprint to give us both early upgrades! SO.. we went to Sprint and we both got...


Thank You, Lord!

What an upgrade, eh?? :) I have had a Samsung Epic for the longest time.. and it was refreshing to get something new! Of course, we spent a little bit of time playing around with them! How could you not? They're super fun!

After that, I had a photo session. Out of their privacy, I won't post pictures, but you can check out my photography page on facebook if you'd like!! :)

Once we got home, Tayler needed to eat and I wanted to take pictures of my April Photo Challenge. So first.. here's Tayler snacking. She ate an entire slice of pizza and cheese curls, haha! She hasn't eaten good the past couple of days with not feeling good, so this relieved me!

And now for the photo challenge:

The task today was: ORANGE.

I took two pictures for this task.

There's lots of orange in my daughter's play room, so that's where I got my inspiration :)

And I should add that I went ahead and cleaned today. I only had Tayler today, so it seemed fitting to just get cleaning done with only one baby, haha!

You all know me. I love me a clean house! :)

And our night ended with bath time and American Idol, of course!

Okay. Seriously.

Was anyone else in COMPLETE shock that Colton went home?? :( I pegged him to win! That was just heartbreaking. But now-- I think Skylar has it in the bag!

What do you guys think??

Cheers Project 366!

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