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Project 366: Day 64 [April 20th]

Good morning all you lovely bloggers out there! :)

I figured I'd start off the blog today with the April Photo Challenge! We're on day #20 today and I have to say... I'm pretty impressed that I've kept with this that long, haha! Usually I give up on blog challenges, but I figure since this was is taking pictures and that's something I love... I'm going to finish it out! :)

Today's task was: SOMETHING YOU DREW.

Oh Lord.

I'll tell y'all right now. I wasn't blessed with that skill. My art teacher in the 7th grade told me that art wasn't what my future career should be in.. and I venture to say he's probably right, haha! But I'll still share the drawing with you. I was showing Tayler 'how to draw' and I decided to draw Plex (the yellow robot off of Yo Gabba Gabba) because I figured that would peek her interest a bit!

So, here's my drawing of PLEX:

Not too shabby I suppose... it completes the task and that's what I needed! :)


My mom's on vacation this week, so we decided to go earlier on in the day. She came to help me with Kenton and Tayler :) I haven't mastered 'taking two kids to the grocery store alone' yet! Congrats to those of you that have because shooooo... that's a task!

Tayler looked super cute today! She wore this little dress her Uncle Jon and Aunt Arena got her! I LOVED it :) It was finally warm enough for her to wear it :)

(I finally got an I-Phone, so I officially have the beloved Instagram... Addicting!)

I sat down and finished the grocery list and made the Menu for the week. Nothing fancy, but here it is folks:

If you can't read that...

Monday- Mushroom Gravy Steaks and Mashed Potatoes
Tuesday- Strombolis (I know.. this is like an every week thing! Ethan LOVES them! We just mix up what we put in them every week!)
Wednesday- Pot Roast
Thursday- Taco Dip and Burritos (Another addiction of Ethans) You'd think he'd be burnt out on things by now, haha!
Friday- I am sure we will have tons of leftovers, so that's on the menu for tonight!

What are you planning on making next week??

Then it was off to the store! I had tons of coupons and did pretty good on the budget this week! :) I even bought a new shirt for myself ;) It was an adorable tank top for $4. Can't wait to wear it!! Here's our juices, waters, and protein shakes. Thought I'd just document the fact that we went to the store, hehe!

Tayler LOVES that clear juice! It is a clear fruit punch so it doesn't stain her clothes! It is just wonderful :)

After the grocery, I had my first maternity session ever with a young lady named Christy! I won't share most of her pictures to respect her privacy, but I will share one that just has her son's name and a pair of shoes. 

I LOVED that 'sign' that one of her friends made for her! They're naming their precious baby boy Gavin! :) Isn't that precious? She's 35 weeks pregnant, so almost there!! Hopefully I'll get to do some newborn pics ;)

Once we got home, it was time to get Natalie. She's the little girl I baby sit at night time. And guess what her Momma bought me?

A paper towel holder that matches my kitchen! Our theme is that little chef man, haha, and it fits perfectly! I love it! I had a 'snowman' theme in my kitchen during the winter, so I've been using a snowman paper towel holder. It was time for a change considering yesterday it was near 80 degrees here, haha! :)

And Papaw and Gigi came to visit Tayler. Papaw hadn't seen her in almost a week and I suppose he wanted cuddle time. Tayler was extremely tired last night (she woke up at 5AM!) and so Papaw got her a bottle of juice and they snuggled up together for a nap time :)

Too cute! I took that one with instagram too! :)

The rest of our night was spent cuddled up watching 'Awake' and 'Scandal.' Have any of you seen 'Scandal' yet? I recommend it! We are glued to the TV during it! It is AMAZING!

Cheers Project 366!

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