Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project 366: Day 61 [April 17th]

Good morning bloggers!

Hope you're all having an amazing day today :)

I thought I'd start off today with the April Photo Challenge!

The task for today is: Something You Don't Like.

And I thought I'd share this with you all:

Yes, this is my lovely house. My living room to be exact. I LOVE my living room. I don't like NOT having a coffee table or an ottoman, haha! Is that pathetic?? I absolutely love having my feet propped up whether I'm watching a movie, 'Yo Gabba Gabba', or working on the computer. And I hate not being able to do that, lol! At our old house, we had a different couch (the one that is across the room) and it had a recliner built in to it. You best believe, I had my feet propped up constantly. But that isn't the case here, haha! I am so ready to have a coffee table or an ottoman. Maybe one day?? LOL

I spent the day with Tayler and Kenton. We had some fun! :) Then Ethan came home and it was time for dinner! For some reason I was really excited about dinner tonight. It just sounded really good!

I cooked steaks with sour cream and chive mashed potatoes and brown gravy. We, of course, had butter and bread on the side! I don't think you can have mashed potatoes without that, haha! :)

And I made banana nut bread for dessert... and for a snack later since we eat dinner rather early! :) Ethan wakes up at 4:30AM... so he's ready for dinner at about 4:30PM, haha!

Not the best pictures because I was using my phone, but you get the idea, haha! :)

After that, we went outside and watched a baseball game that was going on. It's so neat to be here during ball season. I love the atmosphere.. although it is odd sometimes, haha! I was using the restroom the other day near the back of the house.. and I had no idea that ball games had started.. and I heard a man's voice. It was loud, but fuzzy. I was FREAKING out and then I realized it was the announcer, haha!! Too funny!!

But here are a few pictures of us hanging out and watching the ball game:

We had such a good time :) I love our little family! Sometimes I wonder how I got so blessed! :) After that, we came inside, got our baths, and relaxed! We all went to bed early. I think we were all exhausted, haha!

Cheers Project 366!

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