Sunday, September 4, 2011

Project 365: Day 78: September 2nd

Friday, Tayler and I spent the day cleaning the house so we could all enjoy our Labor Day Weekend. And then while I was cleaning our bedroom, I put her in her swing. When I turned around after dusting, Tayler had pitched a fit and had her blanket off of her and her headband almost around her eyes, haha!

Then we got ready to go to the football game beside our house. My Alum was playing my hubby's Alum. This was a SERIOUS game. 

But it was SOOOOO hot outside! Like--- HOT, HOT, HOT. It was 103 degree heat index with like 90% humidity. And yes, we went out in it. Idiots, right? haha! But Tayler stayed nice and cool (in her Daddy's school colors... ugh!) haha! She downed some ice water. :)

And she finally got to see Bentley again! :) True love?

And we got a picture of our sweet little family at the game. Sorry for my hair-- it was SO hot. I was a nasty, sweaty mess LOL


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