Sunday, September 4, 2011

Project 365: Day 77: September 1st

Thursday was a lazy day for Tayler and me. The new Fall line was released for Scentsy, so I needed to get organized :) This is what my mess looked like.... thank God Tayler helped me with it ;) haha!

And we had some fun! We played... Tayler got tickled... it was super fun! :) I love hearing that laugh. Best sound in the WHOLE world!

And we waited and waited for our sweet daddy to come home! And FINALLY he did! (Thursday is one of his long days... thank God after training he is home with us EVERY Thursday :)) Tayler was excited to see her daddy!

Isn't she adorable?

My favorite 5 month old.. EVER ;)

And when Daddy got home he asked this mommy to make a Hershey Bar Dessert for the guys at his work on Friday. So, that's what I did at 9:00 at night, haha! It looked pretty good though (thanks for your help mom!)

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