Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Project 365: Day 81- September 5th

Monday... good ol' Labor Day :) It was a wonderful, relaxing day where we got to spend time together and we got to spend some time with family members we hadn't seen in awhile :) I love those kinda days!

Our day started at Kohl's. Tayler and I went with her Great Grandma and Gigi. Tay thought she was a big girl riding in the stroller/cart, haha! 

She loves being out of the car seat and looking around the store :)
She even posed for some pictures with her Great Grandma Shirley!

Then Daddy came and picked us up so we could go visit Grandma Carol :)

She hadn't seen us in a few weeks and we had a wonderful visit!

We had such a great day! Once we got home, we were starving so we had some pizza and we went on a walk. Tayler LOVES being outside!

And, heavens........... my weird husband LOL

Never a dull moment when he is nearby haha!

Happy Labor Day!

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