Thursday, September 8, 2011

Project 365: Day 83- September 7th

Are you getting tired of the Fall Wardrobe pictures? Sorry, ha! I'm just really excited! I seriously LOVE this time of year more than any of you could imagine. I wait all Summer for it to finally get here and so once it enters the picture.... I'm ecstatic and embracing it for all that it is :)

I love little overcoats like that black one.. perfect for t-shirts or sweaters! And of course.. jeans! Ahh :)
And speaking of fall. Guess what kind of decorations are in our house now? Mmhmmm! We finally busted them out and boy oh boy, am I one happy girl!

And oh my word, I never noticed Tay's head sticking out up there, hahaha! Do you set out any Fall Decorations? We do it up around here.. inside and out!

And guess what? I'm a Scentsy Consultant, Author, Mommy.. and I added another thing onto my list. I'm now writing articles for a company. It doesn't make A LOT of money, but it is enough to cover our groceries... which helps us out a lot! I LOVE doing it. I'm finally getting the hang of it, but I do LOVE it! 


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