Friday, April 27, 2012

Project 366: Day 70 [April 26]

I thought I'd start off today with the April Photo Challenge :)

Today's task was: Black + White.

I took that to mean Black AND White.

That's my gorgeous girl. I took pictures of her and the little guy I baby sit today and I just loved her eyes in this one :) Such a  pretty girl!

And she looked too cute today! I told everyone that I absolutely loved her onesie! I bought it for $1 and it was TOO cute for words! This was the first time she got to wear it. But I was heartbroken.... it was 18 months and fit PERFECTLY. Where's my baby? :(

She's just too precious for words, I tell ya!

And on instagram today, everyone was posting pictures with the hashtag #throwbackthursday, so I figured I'd do the same! 

First picture of my little girl... EVER. Gosh, I miss that moment! :( It makes me want another one sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. 

But.. I'll move on so I don't get all emotional on you all! 

Here's my big girl now. She naps all on her own. It's insane. She just got on the couch and laid her head on the pillow. I got her a blanket. She laid like this for awhile...

And then she soon fell asleep just like that! What a sweetheart! But she missed out on dinner. I'll be honest. It was rainy here yesterday and I had absolutely NO motivation to cook, so we ordered...


We got the box deal for $10. A pizza, breadsticks, and cinnastix. Oh, it was absolutely AMAZING let me tell you! :)

And Tayler finally woke up....

Must have been a hard nap, eh? Check out that hair, haha! She is such a cute and rough waker-upper!! :) LOL

After that, we stripped her down and let her eat some dinner! She loves her some pizza... then she cuddled... diaper and all.. with her daddy! I don't think y'all even comprehend how much I love these two!

I am one blessed lady, I will tell you that much! :)

And we finally got Tayler a bath and some peejays and oh my word, she was cracking us up. Natalie brought a book with her tonight and Tayler was walking around with it and it looked like she was reading it. It was hysterical. I think she just liked her reflection in the little mirror, haha, but it was still precious nonetheless! :)

And darn it, I was wrong about American Idol... as usual! I predicted Hollie going home and Elise went home! So sad :( And I cannot believe Skyler was in the bottom 3! :( Ridiculous!

Hope you guys had a great day!

Cheers to Project 366!

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