Saturday, April 28, 2012

Project 366: Day 71 [April 27th]

So the morning started EARLY, haha!

I watched Natalie over night, so I had to get her off with her Mommy at about 7AM. And well, Tayler decided that was the PERFECT time to wake up.... so, I figured since I was already up and Kenton wasn't here yet, I would get started cleaning! Like I've said before, I give all of you mommies with 2 mobile babies MAD PROPS for cleaning your house, haha! It is difficult to do with two munchkins! I got the entire downstairs cleaned before Kenton got here, which is pretty good! :)

And well, that must have worn Tayler out watching me do that...

She was ready for a nap by 10AM, haha! Poor baby! I told her... there's something that fixes that! If we sleep in... we don't need naps so early LOL! I don't think she bought it, haha!

But she eventually woke up. She can't ever sleep when Kenton is here and she knows she has a buddy to play with, haha! Once she woke up, I took a picture of her because I wanted everyone to see how freaking ADORABLE my child is. I LITERALLY have the cutest kid ALIVE. Oh my word!

We are in SO much trouble with that cute face, y'all!

Once she was up and the house was cleaned, I got started working on the grocery list and clipping coupons. It's an addiction. I'm not one of those crazy couponers, haha, but I just clip enough to bring the grocery bill down a little bit!

This was my work space today:

And I got all of the meals for the week figured out!

Monday- Stir Fry.
Tuesday- Meatloaf/Mashed Potatoes
Wednesday- Ethan is cooking. He said he's making chicken strips, potato skins, and onion rings
Thursday- Broccoli and Cheese Soup/French Bread
Friday- Chicken Teryaki and Rice

And for the weekend we can have some lunch meat sandwiches and macaroni and cheese. Just something simple!

And after that was finished, I decided to get a cup or two of coffee. I promise, by 3:00PM today, I was completely exhausted. I don't know if it's from being sick this week or what, but I felt run down. I thought coffee would do the trick! I wrote on FB that 'Just smelling coffee gave me energy.' So true!


After was grocery shopping time! We made our switch off... Kenton left and Natalie came. And we were off!

Here's a shot of Mom, Tayler, and Natalie at the store :)

Aren't they all cute??

Papaw and Ethan came along too! Towards the end, Tayler was getting restless, so Papaw got her out to 'play' haha! She is sooooo spoiled! Guess what she got?

Yep! A giant purple ball, haha! I think Papaw just adores her! :) We had so much fun!

So, I figured I'd do the April Photo Challenge real quick...

The task today was: 'Somewhere You Went..'

and well...

We went grocery shopping, haha! Our cupboards and fridge was BARE... we needed a lot of things! :) It feels good to see some yumminess in front of ya!! haha!

We even got the girls some jammies.

They were on sale.. and they needed them gosh darn it, haha!

And oh my word, we were laughing at Tayler's hair last night because she had piggy tails in all day.. and this is what she looked like after..


Hope you all had a great day!

Cheers to Project 366!

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