Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project 366: Day 67 [April 23rd]

Morning fellow bloggers!! 

I thought I'd start the day with our April Photo Challenge!

Today's task was: VEGETABLE.

Well, does this count?

Mashed potatoes? 

haha! They're a veggie, right? :P This was dinner last night! The steaks look really dark almost burnt, but I think it's the glare from the window, haha. They were really brown! I put cubed steaks in the crock pot with mushroom gravy that I made and beef broth. I haven't been feeling good at all here lately, so I didn't take any pictures of the process :( What a slacker right? I just wanted to get stuff done and eat it. So, there you have it! Mushroom gravy steaks, garlic mashed potatoes with the gravy drizzled over it, and bread and butter. Yum! Tayler even ate all of hers so it must have been tasty ;)

And I have to show the kiddos. I baby sit a little boy during the day time and of course, Tayler is always here! We have a play room for them with a tent, TONS of toys, a slide, and a TV.. and guess where they were for most of the day?

Right at my feet, haha!

I was editing pictures today.. since I didn't feel like doing much else.. and because it needs done :) and they hung out right there. They'd get bored and start whining, haha, and I'd say, 'Kids, there's a play room right around the corner!!' hahahha! They were cracking me up!

Once Ethan got home, he brought a box inside.. .which only meant one thing...


When I give CDs out, individuals always ask me, 'Do you have a card that I can give to others?' And I always have to tell them no. But NOT ANYMORE!! :) Thank You Lord! Vistaprint is such an awesome company!

They do have my phone number on them, but I edited them out since this is the internet, haha! But aren't they cute? I LOVE them :) 

And I had to share this picture of Ethan. He came down the stairs and I just had to giggle. I said, 'Did you have trouble getting ready?' LOL He said, 'They're my peejays! They're comfy!!' LOL They just didn't match, haha!!

He's so funny, haha!

Oh and he got instagram.

This should be interesting ;)

And I thought I'd share my buddies today:

I've had an ear ache and a sore throat for the past two days and it is only getting progressively worse. These help for a period of time, but once they start wearing off and I'm in the last hour or so of being able to take more.. I'm miserable. And don't even get me started on how much sleep I am NOT getting lol! I am ready to feel better! Have no fear-- I scheduled a doctor's appointment for Tuesday! Lets hope I get something to make me feel better! I'm sick of feeling this way!

Hope you all had an amazing day today!!

Cheers to Project 366!

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