Sunday, May 13, 2012

Project 366: Day 85 [May 11th]

Friday. Friday. Friday.

You know I got mad love for ya ;)

Lets first start off with the May Photo Challenge!

The task today was: KITCHEN

so I thought I'd share my kitchen!

I promise. It is like my FAVORITE part of our house! :)

And now.. for our day!

I got my new scentsy! I bought the Scentsy of the Month for May and it was CHERRY VANILLA. If you haven't smelled this yet-- DO IT. It's amazing! Check out... if you are curious :)

Mmm :)

And Tayler and I shared a bowl of cereal at 1PM. I can't help it. It sounded good... and apparently she thought so too ;)

She's learned to say 'more' too... although, it comes out sounding like 'mope!' hahahaha! Too freaking cute :) I took a little video of it, but I still don't know how to upload it with an I-Phone, hahahahha! :) 

Here she is relaxin'

She's too cute! :) I love watching her watch cartoons :)

After that, we went grocery shopping. I felt like we were out of absolutely everything, let me tell you! So, I planned out the meals and we were off! I bought some stuff to make our friends salsa. She gave me the ingredients and I have been waiting for weeks to make it, but I finally put the stuff on the list and got all the ingredients! I sent this to Bre (her daughter) on instagram so she could see I was FINALLY eating it!

I know. 

Real attractive ;)

It was SUPER good! I won't reveal her secret recipe, but just know it was amazing and I was sooooo happy to be able to make it for E and me!! :)

Tayler was ready for bed after the grocery. We let her walk around instead of being in the cart and gosh-- she was exhausted, haha! Here we are cuddling :)

We had a great day! Hope you all had a great day!

Cheers to Project 366!

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