Sunday, May 13, 2012

Project 366: Day 86 [May 12th]

Good morning everyone! :) Hope you're having a good Saturday!

I thought I'd first start with the May Photo Challenge.. like always!

The task today was: Something Fun!

I know... I'm going to sound extremely weird, but I LOVE making up the grocery list, making a list of meals for the week, and posting it on the chalkboard. That is SUPER fun to me! (Does that age me?? haha!)

This week, our meals are:

Monday-- Tacos and more Salsa (I talked about it yesterday, haha!)
Tuesday-- Two Timin' Pasta Bake, Salads, Garlic Bread
Wednesday-- Garlic Chicken Pasta
Thursday-- Broccoli and Cheese Soup/French Bread (Yea, it's summer.. oh well! ;))
Friday-- Pepperoni Rolls (new thing I found on Pinterest!!)

What are you making this week?? 

And now for our day!

First of all, how sweet is my baby cuddling with me?

Gah, she is the best thing in my world! Sooo grateful for her! She has changed me for the better and I love her more than you could possibly imagine!

Once we got up and moving, we headed out on a road trip! We were taking some pictures for some people kind of far away, so we packed up the stuff and headed out on the road...

with our Scentsy Travel Tin of course! Gotta love Black Raspberry Vanilla :)

And our Cheez-Its (okay, it's the off brand.. but they're cheaper and they taste just the same LOL!)

Yum! Made for the perfect road trip.

When we got there, we found out that Tayler was snoozing!! LOL She must have really enjoyed that trip ;)

She's too precious! :)

We had a great time visiting friends.. and then it was back home to relax for a bit before some more photo sessions :) Here's a shot of E and me on our way back home:

He seriously is my best friend. I absolutely love that we do everything together. I am so thankful that God gave me such a good partner in life :)

Once we got home, it was lunch time. We were giggling about Tayler. All you could see was her little pony tail while we were eating! She is TOO adorable for words!

I love her :)

After that, we had a few photo sessions, then we took Tayler to Papaw and Gigi's house so she could spend the night with them! They love having her... we miss her while she's gone, but we love having our alone time too! :)

After we dropped her off, we went to Subway! I got my favorite: steak on italian herbs and cheese bread toasted with lettuce, tomato, onion, chipotle sauce, and black pepper. OH... and Jalapeno chips on the side.

I swear you haven't lived until you have had these. YUM! :)

Once we got home, we got ready for our date night! We were having some friends over for our sister-in-laws 21st birthday! :) Here I am after getting ready:

I changed my shirt though. For some reason that one didn't 'feel right' today, haha! :) 

Here's E and I waiting for everyone to get there:

Mmm, he's so sexy ;)

And here's Arena and I dancing, haha!

We had a fun night, but we sure missed our munchkin!

Hope you all had a great day!

Cheers Project 366!

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