Thursday, May 10, 2012

Project 366: Day 83 [May 9th]

Good morning everyone! :)

As usual, we will start off with the May Photo Challenge! Are y'all having fun with it?? I sure am! I LOVE this stuff! :)

Today's task was:

Something You Do Every Day


Take pictures!

I LOVE it! :) I am so blessed to be able to do it on a regular basis. I am still learning and I know I have a lot left to learn, but it is so much fun! It takes me into a whole new world and I just love every single second of it!

And now for our day...

We had a visitor today!


He came to visit. Tayler crawled up into his lap and it wasn't probably 10 minutes later she was fast asleep in his arms. She does that with him quite often, haha!
Doesn't she look so sweet? *sigh*
Shortly after that, she woke up crying and I figured it meant only one thing... hungry! I had left over steak and mashed potatoes from the night before, so I cut that up and gave it to her..... with a fork. She's been doing pretty good with a spoon, but the fork was a whole new territory. And guess what?
She was doing so good with it! I couldn't be more proud of her! :)

After Papaw left, we relaxed for a little bit. Tayler cuddled up on me and we watched 'Ghost Whisperer.' It is literally my favorite TV show and I am so glad that WEtv shows it all of the time!! 
Then, we all had this brilliant idea to go to our FAVORITE Mexican restaurant. You all know which one I'm talking about because I post pictures of it all of the time! LOVE their chips and salsa! Papaw and Gigi even joined us! Here's Tayler talking to Gigi:

She enjoyed some chips, salsa, rice, beans, and steak. 

Isn't that outfit adorable? It's one of the ones that my mom's friend at work gave us! I LOVED it on her! We paired it with a pair of REAL flip flops last night, haha!

Isn't that some outfit? LOVE it :)

After that, we had a photo session. I was REALLY excited because it was our first engagement/family session! When we first got there, I was a bit worried because this is how the sky looked....

We had already cancelled this session once because of rain, so I was devastated just thinking about having to cancel it again.... but glory to God, the rain held off and we got the entire session in! I figured I'd give you a sneak peek of this because you can't see their faces or anything :) This was their rings with their kiddos...

Love it! We had such a good time! :)

After we came home.. it was American Idol time. As I keep saying..... it has really bored me this year. Ever since Skyler and Coltin went home, I really could careless. But... Since I've invested so much time in it thus far, I figured I'd give my two cents really quick..

I hope to GOD Hollie is finally going home. 

That's all :)

Cheers Project 366!

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