Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project 365: Day 71- August 26th

We went to the first football game of the season for my old high school and of course, Tayler sported the proper wear for it ;) Would she dress any other way? I mean, come on, haha!

Before we got the the game, we went out to eat with my brother Corey and his fiance Marie. And guess what? Tayler sat up like a BIG GIRL. She sits up in a high chair at home to get her baby food, but she has never sat in a high chair at a restaurant. I was so excited and she thought she was big stuff :P

Here's a shot of the team out on the field... go boys!

And Gigi OF COURSE had to post with our sweetheart after she woke up :)

We had SUCH a good time today! :) It was sooo good to hang out with everyone!